Brussels is the capital of Belgium and a primary European political center – located about 200km indigenous Amsterdam.

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Travel in between Amsterdam and Brussels is feasible by high speed and standard rail, airline flights and coaches. Keep in mind that there have been some far-reaching changes to company frequencies because of the ‘coronavirus’ measures.

1. Amsterdam-Brussels through Train

Travelling by train in between Amsterdam and also Brussels is definitely the ideal option in regards to time and also convenience and also gets you into the love of both city centres. It have the right to be quickly booked using via the NS global site or the Thalys site v prices beginning at €25 one-way.

There are right now 2 choices available:

(1) The high rate Thalys organization which runs from Amsterdam central station come Paris Gare du Nord via Brussels Zuid/Midi station. The Thalys also stops in ~ Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Rotterdam central and Antwerp.

Thalys generally runs 7-9x everyday (weekdays), 4x everyday (Saturdays) and 5-6x everyday (Sundays) and the Amsterdam-Brussels journey takes simply 1 hour 50 minutes. Note, Thalys is running a reduced service at the moment.

There are also London-Amsterdam Eurostar trains (1-2x daily) which serve the Amsterdam-Brussels route both ways.

(2) The Intercity Brussels usually runs hourly (13x daily) between Amsterdam main and Brussels Zuid/Midi. The train provides stops in ~ Schiphol, Rotterdam, Breda, Noorderkempen (Belgium), Antwerp Central, Antwerp Berchem, Mechelen, Brussels Airport, Brussels North and Brussels Central. The Amsterdam-Brussels journey takes around 2 hours 50 minutes.

Note: part Intercity Brussels services (up come 4x daily) operate between Den Haag HS and Brussels. If travelling from Brussels to Amsterdam ~ above a Den Haag bound train, then adjust at Rotterdam because that Amsterdam.

Amsterdam-Brussels rail course map

Thalys: class of take trip on Thalys space Standard, Comfort and also Premium v all seats having actually individual electrical power outlets.

Standard has 2nd class seating, free WiFi and food/drink can be purchased at the bar. Traditional tickets can typically be readjusted for a €15 dues (plus price difference) and also are 50% refundable. There space cheaper conventional Mini fares which space not changeable or refundable.

Comfort has first class seating, cost-free WiFi and also food/drink have the right to be purchased at the bar. Comfort tickets are either cheaper non-flexible fares or changeable persons – which deserve to be changed for a €15 fee (plus price difference) and also are 50% refundable. Access is granted come the NS international lounges in ~ Amsterdam, Schiphol airplane or Rotterdam.

Premium is a proper first class ticket with 1st class seating, cost-free WiFi (with an ext data), food/drink offered at her seat and and totally free access to an worldwide press app. Premium ticket holders can access the Thalys lounges in Brussels as well as the NS global lounges. Ticket are easily changeable and also 100% refundable.

Thalys train at Amsterdam Central

Thalys tickets room bookable up to 4 months out. The cheapest standard Mini fares for Amsterdam-Brussels will price €29-€35, despite you should book as beforehand as possible. Traditional fares cost €44-€82, comfort fares cost €45-€95 and also Premium fares variety cost €97-€117.

Travel ~ above the less frequent Eurostar starts native €27 (Standard) or €32 (Standard Premier) every way.

Intercity Brussels: typical prices (2021) space in impact for travel using intercity trains although cheaper “early bird” fares (book digital in advance) are additionally available. Amsterdam-Brussels one-way expenses €49 (2nd class) or €77.80 (1st class).

Early bird one-way fares start at €25 (2nd class) and also €35 (1st class) Mon-Thu and also €33 (2nd class) and €47 (1st class) each means Fri-Sun. Early on bird fares space valid on any kind of service top top the ticket day.

Intercity Brussels train in ~ Amsterdam Central

Holders of netherlands Railways NS discount cards obtain a slim fare reduction off the standard fare because that the Netherlands segment that travel.

As Belgium and also the Netherlands are members the the Schengen Zone commitment you execute not should go with a passport control check when travelling between Amsterdam and also Brussels.

How to book train tickets online: Amsterdam-Brussels rail tickets can be quickly booked in ~ the NS worldwide site which covers Thalys and Intercity Brussels. Thalys tickets can also be booked straight at the Thalys site

For an ext info watch our International trains to/from Amsterdam page.

2. Flights Amsterdam-Brussels

It is feasible to fly between Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) and Brussels Zaventem (BRU) airport. The scheduled flight time is around 45 minutes – return by the moment you take right into account travel to/from the airport and also waiting for your flight – you space much better off acquisition the train.

Dutch airline KLM (Skyteam) at this time has 2-3x day-to-day flights native Schiphol to Brussels – the “Cityhopper” organization uses tiny Embraer 190 jets. Return airfares begin at around €110 – note KLM fees for checked luggage yet you do acquire a complimentary drink and also snack onboard.

The fact is this trip route is greatly aimed at move passengers ~ above longer-haul routes.

There are train stations at Schiphol and Brussels airports i beg your pardon can obtain you come the center of town in 15-20 minutes. The Brussels airplane train to central Brussels runs approximately 4x hourly.

3. Amsterdam-Brussels by Coach

The coach is the cheapest travel option in between Amsterdam and Brussels with a journey time of approximately 3 hours

Flixbus is a German coach agency that offers services in between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Brussels Noord. It at this time operates a 1x daily organization with fares starting at €17 one-way. Book her Flixbus ticket here

Flixbus coach protect against at Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Blablabus (formerly Ouibus) generally has a day-to-day Amsterdam-Brussels premium coach organization although these have actually been in the interim suspended. Fares start at €17 one-way. Coach stops room at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and Brussels Zuid/Midi station.

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For an ext on take trip to Belgium see Amsterdam-Antwerp travel options and Amsterdam-Bruges and Ghent


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