ABKnowledge and also Employability science 8, 9 (revised 2009)9Unit D: electrical Principles and also Technologies
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Every day, girlfriend use technologies that you more than likely take for granted. Things choose the microwave that cooks her meals, the lights the let you watch in the dark and the tv that entertains you. What carry out these technologies have in common? They every need electrical energy to work. 

Our require for power is growing. So is the variety of transmission towers and also overhead electrical wires in the places we live. But what if safety time close to the electrical and magnetic power from high-voltage wires reasons health problems? Thankfully, research suggests that it more than likely doesn’t. At least not in the situation of childhood leukemia. 

High-voltage overhead transmission lines lug electricity from electric power plants to transformer substations. Transformer substations are closer to wherein the electrical energy is actually used.

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Electricity generation, transmission and distribution (Let’s Talk scientific research using picture by mathisworks via iStockphoto).


Power lines space surrounded by one electromagnetic field (EMF) that stretches in every directions. The US nationwide Cancer institute (NCI) defines electromagnetic fields as “invisible areas of power (also called radiation) that are created by electricity”. The NCI likewise explains the EMFs are developed by plenty of things, favor power lines, electric wiring and household appliances favor televisions and also microwaves.

Electromagnetic fields combine electric fields and also magnetic fields. 


Electric FieldsMagnetic Fields
Produced by voltageProduced by current
The greater the voltage, the more powerful the fieldThe better the current, the more powerful the field
Exists also when over there is no current flowingStrength of ar varies with power consumption
Field have the right to do occupational (the speed and also direction of corpuscle changes)Field cannot do work-related (speed of particles continue to be constant)
Are perpendicular to the magnetic fieldAre perpendicular to the electric field
Symbol is ESymbol is B
Measured in volts every metre (V/m) or Newton/coulomb

Measured in tesla (T)

(Newton × Second) /(Coulomb × Meter)

Measured using electrometerMeasured using magnetometer

Based top top a chart by EMsafety



Electric ar lines are directed away from positively charged source charges and toward negatively charged source charges. Magnetic field lines type circular loops around the wire. The flow of power is directed v the fields from the dry cell towards the pack (light bulb).


The EMFs the come indigenous high-voltage power lines space a lot more powerful than those about household appliances. Family appliances usually develop fields measuring between 0.01 come 0.02 microteslas (µT). If girlfriend stood straight underneath the highest voltage power lines though, you can receive a maximum of 100µT. That is 10 000 times together much. 

This amount easily decreases together you relocate away native high voltage lines. For example, at 25 m far from the most powerful line you would certainly receive about 1-2µT. This is quiet ten come 20 times much more exposure than you would acquire inside the average residence in phibìc America. 

Where friend live in the human being probably renders a large difference come the EMFs friend receive. Civilization living much from the earth magnetic poles obtain on average 30µT. World in Canada live closer to the phibìc geomagnetic pole, and also can receive up to 60µT.

Did friend know? 

The tesla (T) is the SI (International system of Units) unit used to explain the toughness of magnetic fields. The can likewise be stood for as kg⋅s−2⋅A−1. Scientists normally report data in millionths the a tesla, or microteslas (µT). 

Some civilization living close to high-voltage strength lines worry about possible health effects. One worry is that kids could have actually a higher risk of obtaining cancer as a an outcome of living close to a strength line. 

Did girlfriend know? 

Magnetic fields are an ext likely to penetrate the body than electric fields. Electric fields are weakened by obstacles choose walls. Because of this, magnetic areas are the part of electromagnetic areas (EMFs) the are frequently studied together a feasible cause the cancer.

Scientists have actually done countless studies ~ above this subject. In 2018, a team of researchers studied every the outcomes of 11 previous studies around the world. They uncovered that there to be no clean link in between magnetic fields and a child’s chance of developing leukemia, a kind of cancer. Lock looked at children who live close to and far away from power lines of every voltages. Castle found virtually no differences in between them. 

One distinction they did uncover was that youngsters who lived really close come high voltage lines had a very little increase in their possibilities of occurring leukemia. This didn’t constantly happen though. And also children living near stronger magnetic fields did not have a stronger possibility of arising leukemia. So, scientists don’t understand what reasons this problem. 

Childhood cancer doesn’t happen really often. So, it’s an overwhelming to measure up if this number is changing, even a little bit. In Canada, 1,230 kids were diagnosed with leukemia between 2012 and also 2016. 

We are exposed to EMFs every the time. From power lines and appliances to where you live top top the Earth. The ar of research into the health results of EMFs is still fairly new. Scientists still have many questions and also a lot to learn about how EMFs from various sources can impact our health.

Media LiteracyWhat facets of EMFs and high voltage strength lines do media outlets discuss? Is the discussion noted too narrow in scope? Why or why not?Consumerism is stated to it is in a leading variable for the boosted need because that energy. What is consumerism and also how do well-known media contribute to a culture of consumerism? How should government agencies and also media outlets interact the potential health and wellness risks linked with EMFs?Do girlfriend feel the potential health risks related to EMFs are effectively connected to residents?
Media LiteracyWhat facets of EMFs and also high voltage power lines execute media outlets discuss? Is the discussion detailed too narrow in scope? Why or why not?Consumerism is said to be a leading variable for the boosted need for energy. What is consumerism and how do popular media add to a society of consumerism? How should government agencies and media outlets communicate the potential wellness risks associated with EMFs?Do girlfriend feel the potential health risks related come EMFs space effectively connected to residents?
Teaching SuggestionsThis short article supports teaching and also learning of Health, technology & Engineering, Physics and also Electricity and also Magnetism concerned cancer, electrical fields and electricity transmission. Principles introduced incorporate magnetic fields, electric fields, electricity and also Tesla (T).
Teaching SuggestionsThis post supports teaching and learning the Health, technology & Engineering, Physics and also Electricity and also Magnetism concerned cancer, electric fields and also electricity transmission. Principles introduced encompass magnetic fields, electric fields, electricity and Tesla (T).

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