I’m certain you’ll agree, the area us live in has actually an undeniable effect on ours health and also wellbeing. Plenty of of us recognise the living close to to nature has a positive influence on our mental health, among other benefits. Whilst setup up house in the midst of a smog-filled city center is likely to influence us negatively. Unfortunately, several of the greatest health risks near our dwellings are no so obvious, such together the threats of living close to power lines.

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There are plenty of studies that link living nearby to power lines with destructive health conditions and diseases. Sadly cancer is one of them, consisting of childhood leukaemia.

In this blog, I’ll provide you all the details you require to understand your risk as soon as living near power lines and also steps you have the right to take to alleviate this risk.

We’ll cover:

What space power lines and also why execute they existWhy and how carry out power lines affect our healthLiving close to power currently – how close is too closeWhat you can do to defend yourself and also your family

Any inquiries or involves at the end, feel cost-free to obtain in touch for one of my complimentary 20-minute consults and also we can talk the through.

What are power lines and also why perform they exist?

Power lines are just overhead or secret lines that carry electricity to our homes and businesses. Castle are occasionally referred come as transmission lines or distribution/street lines depending on their voltage.

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The larger higher voltage strength lines regularly span huge steel pylons typically called “walkers” conversely, the smaller distribution lines commonly run in between wooden poles, choose below:


Naturally, with the 2nd option, you’ll obtain much much more than straightforward measurements and you’ll definitely relieve you yourself of the problem of figuring the end what the readings in reality mean!

During the EMF Assessments that ns provide, for example, you can expect come receive:

An in-person discussion around any potential EMF sensitivities or symptomsDetails that the resources of EMF in your house – in non-technical terms!How your recorded levels that EMF to compare to the encourage ‘safe’ levelsA customised plan and recommendations based on your distinct situationA follow-up Troubleshooting EMF report v practical action stepsA personalised video that you deserve to share through other household members

If you have concerns around living near power lines you re welcome do acquire in touch for a chat. I have the right to offer you an EMF Assessment even if it is you live in Perth or not – you deserve to see the various options available here.