The 5 finest Bungee Jumps in the World

What’s life without a couple of near-death experiences, right? through that, I assumed I’d roll out the finest bungee jumps in the world including 2 I’ve had actually first-time experience with. If you’ve never ever ‘bungeed’ before then that gotta it is in on her bucket list so if she hitting up any kind of of the countries these 5 poor boys space in, then obtain on part disposable underwear and also take the leap. Make sure your take trip insurance consist of bungee jumping folks. I usage these guys, they cover me for practically everything!

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Macau Tower, China – (233 m/760 feet):Honourable mentions:

Victoria falls Bungee, Zimbabwe/Zambian border (110m/360feet):

A little of a controversial selection as this has actually featured quite heavily in the news recently when a girl’s bungee cord snapped! Also, it’s no in the height 5 highest possible bungees in the world. Yet it’s needs to be the most beautiful. 111M that sheer fear as you jump of Victoria Bridge, into a one rainbow thanks to the mist led to by the falls. When you’re finished you have the right to see Victoria falls as your backdrop, nothing quick of amazing. Victoria drops is stunning.

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PRICE: about $110

Best bungee jumps in the world; Victoria Falls
Me jumping at Victoria Falls. Arggggggggh…

Bloukrans Bridge, south Africa – (216 m/708 feet):

The world’s highest possible single-span arch bridge, the Bloukrans leg bungee is the 3rd highest bungee in the people at 708 feet (216 m). It’s also the highest allude in the civilization from i beg your pardon you can bungee off. And also formally the greatest bungee run in the world.PRICE: around $100

Bloukrans leg Bungy

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland – (220 m/720 feet):

It found mainstream fame v the opened sequence the the shortcut movie Goldeneye. The Verzasca dam provides a pure freefall swinging bungee indigenous a solitary cord. If banging right into a enormous concrete structure at a height speed no scare you, then this is the jump for you. The Verzasca Dam bungee run is currently the 2nd highest bungee jump in the world.PRICE: $280

Verzasca Dam bungy
Verzasca Dam bungy

Macau Tower, China – (233 m/760 feet):

What is the greatest bungee jump in the world?

You discovered it! Officially, it’s the Macau Tower bungee jump. The tallest, highest possible bungee run in the world. 6 secs of unadulterated freefall from the 11th tallest structure in the world. It no come cheap however it sponsor you automatic bragging civil liberties forever. With the ‘right’ conditions you can uncover yourself stretching to just 30m from the ground.PRICE: $300

Macau Tower Bungy Jump

Volcano Bungee near Pucon, Chile (250m/820 feet):

The price isn’t precisely backpacker friendly but basically, you gain flown approximately an active volcano in a helicopter, soaring part 10,000 feet in the air, jumpers sit perched top top a helicopter’s skid and also then you have to bungee jump off the helicopter right into the caldera in the direction of the molten lava. The cord stretches between 350 and also 375 feet. In order to leaving jumpers hanging simply 700 feet over the volcano. Pretty exceptional stuff.PRICE: A disgustingly, prohibitively high-quality $9,995 because that a 6-day package

Villarrica Volcano, Pucon, Chile
volcano bungee pucon chile

Honourable mentions:

The imperial Gorge Bridge, Colorado (321m/1053 feet):

Technically, it can be taken into consideration the greatest bungee in the world. Yet very couple of people have ever before jumped native the bridge. It’s not open up commercially and also therefore disqualified from the ‘best bungee jumps in the world’ list. It’s not open to the public and also it’s only accessible every now and again. Frequently used to break records sporadically.PRICE: Unavailable come the general public. Booooooo.


River Nevis, new Zealand (134m/440 feet)

If you’re on the backpacking trace in new Zealand, a bungee jump over the roaring river Nevis is no to it is in missed. Native a teetering cable car, high end the Nevis River, you enter the jump pod and also soak in the rugged scenery. This is the highest bungee run spot in all of new Zealand.The freefall lasts for almost 9 seconds and will enable those who jump to see the full level of this area’s beauty.PRICE:$200

Nevis Bungy Queenstown

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