Peter Jackson’s epos ‘Lord that The Rings’ saga was a great success for all involved, however it ended over 10 years back – how much longer can the actors coast on that Middle-Earth moolah? Let’s look at which rings actors have made the most money global since the release of 'The Return that The King’ in December 2001 - and also no counting those box-office receipts for 'The Hobbit’ trilogy…

14. Billy BoydPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £17.5 million


Tyler’s post-Arwen outings weren’t exactly money-spinners; 'The remarkable Hulk’ paid most of Liv’s bills yet it was still Marvel’s weakest-performing movie to date. Mopping up the last couple of bucks were fear thriller 'The Strangers’ and also Kevin Smith’s 'Jersey Girl’, plus tiny roles in the likes that 'Super’ and 'Lonesome Jim’.

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9. Elijah WoodPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £558.1 million

He’s been working solidly because he was a wee Hobbit himself, do his method from cutesy household movie duties to thank you very much indies, but Elijah Wood just hasn’t rediscovered the Frodo magic. Proving he has the many schizophrenic job of anyone on this list, his best hitters were together a cannibal psycho in 'Sin City’ and a tap-dancing penguin in 'Happy Feet’.

8. Sean AstinPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £570.8 million

Samwise’s numbers have actually received a massive an increase thanks to his friendship through Adam Sandler – Astin hitched a drive on the gravy train a while back and the box-office totals indigenous '50 first Dates’ and 'Click’ space considerable, being as they were from one era wherein Sandler movie made money. Us were additionally generous and also afforded him every the takings native 'Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeal’, also though he only played a tiny narrator role, just since he seems choose a quite guy.

7. Sean BeanPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £1.44 billion

God bless Beano, the reliable character actor who can’t ever seem come live through the movie he chooses. Sean should be the toast the Sheffield through box-office receipts choose his: he’s zeroing in top top a post-Rings career full of £1.5 billion and also all there is no the toughness of a significant blockbuster franchise come bolster his numbers. Great on you, grandfather Bean!

6. Ian McKellenPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £1.64 billion

Magneto has actually made teacher Ian considerably minted ever due to the fact that the X-Men burst top top the step in 2000, however only 2006’s 'X-Men: The critical Stand’ and 2014’s 'X-Men: work Of Future Past’ count in the direction of his total. McKellen has actually made much more mega-hits 보다 you can think: 'The Da Vinci code 'scared up nearly £500 million every by itself and 'The gold Compass’ to be no slouch either.

5. Orlando BloomPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £1.89 billion

Bloomers to win it lucky in the 00s, landing not one but two blockbuster trilogies - and also with 'Curse of The black color Pearl’ released before his Tolkien adventure began, it’s components 2 and also 3 the the 'Pirates of The Caribbean’ trilogy that really heat Orlando’s coffers. Oh, and also don’t underestimate those movies the were forgettable but profitable – Troy, anyone?

4. Cate BlanchettPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £2.36 billion

Blanchett has never to be one to look for out huge money roles – it’s all around Oscars, dahling – but she put in a hugely respectable reflecting here, thanks mostly to high profile functions in the likes of 'Indiana Jones and also The Kingdom that The decision Skull’, 'How to Train your Dragon 2’ and this year’s Disney sleeper hit 'Cinderella’. It’s testimony to her ability that single-serve movies like 'The Aviator’, 'Robin Hood’ and also 'The Curious situation Of Benjamin Button’ space all for this reason profitable.

3. Christopher LeePost-LOTR box-office earnings: £2.55 billion

Christopher Lee’s donation to cinema goes method beyond what many mere mortals have the right to comprehend, however even if you have to boil it down to his financial success, the still provides for sobering reading. Tim Burton’s movies comprise much of Lee’s complete (including end a billion dollars because that Alice In Wonderland), but had we included the 200 or so credits he racked up before playing Saruman, Lee would have actually left his other Ringers eating his golddust – it’s a box-office complete befitting a legend.

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2. Hugo WeavingPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £2.68 million

By his very own admission he’s never ever seen them, yet it’s the 'Transformers’ movies that provide Weaving, the voice the Megatron, such a big bank balance. Also without his 'Matrix’ money, i beg your pardon all come pre-2003, his final standing is bolstered by the box-office of 2 'Happy Feet’ movies, 'Captain America: The very first Avenger’ and that film about owls.

1. Andy SerkisPost-LOTR box-office earnings: £2.69 billion

Pipping Hugo Weaving to the article by one hundreds million measly dollars, Andy Serkis ranks together the many successful 'Lord that The Rings’ actor, also without his 'Hobbit’ millions. 'King Kong’ and also two 'Apes’ movies make for great monkey business, however really it’s his fairly inconsequential role in 2015’s 'Avengers: period Of Ultron’ – play a human! – the pushes him ahead of the pack. Intend Serkis’ box-office total to dual after he’s v chewing the see in more Marvel movies and, five yeah, a little side project dubbed the brand-new 'Star Wars’ trilogy. All hail King Andy!