Infinity War helped Scarlett Johansson join an elite team of actresses who have made a ton the money in a year.

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Scarlett Johansson Is 2018
It has actually been reported that Scarlett Johansson is the highest paid actress in Hollywood, earning $40.5 million indigenous June 1st, 2017 come June 1st, 2018. Last year"s highest possible paid actress was Emma Stone, that earned $26 million, thanks to the wildly effective La La Land. However, rock did not earn over $10 million this previous year, therefore she didn"t do the list. Helping Johansson take the number one spot to be the an international box office stop Infinity War. Johansson"s black Widow wasn"t even really in the movie a totality lot, however the Marvel Studios job was enough to command her the top spot of highest possible paid actresses.

Avengers: Infinity war arrived in theaters in ~ the finish of April and delivered the items to Marvel Cinematic world fans all over the world. To date, the film has carried in over $2 exchange rate worldwide, conveniently making the the highest possible grossing movie of the year. Including to Scarlett Johansson"s earnings is the promise the Avengers 4, i m sorry will apparently feature an ext of the actress. Johansson quadruples her 2017 earnings, all thanks to the MCU. Marvel Studios ceo Kevin Feige has actually talked about the budgets of the current projects obtaining bigger since of the actors and also actresses, once it provided to be on unique effects. In the end, Feige justifies it by stating, "the actors are the finest special effects."

Angelina Jolie is the second highest payment actress of the year, earning $28 million. Jolie was reportedly able to command an upfront transaction for Maleficent 2, i beg your pardon doesn"t hit theaters until might of 2020. Together for the third spot, Friends star Jennifer Aniston took in $19.5 million. Aniston made most of her cash this year from endorsement deals with Emirates airlines, Smartwater, and also Aveeno, prove that part commercial campaigns are well-worth the money for the actress.

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The fourth spot saw Jennifer Lawrence, who had the ability to score $18 million, also after Red Sparrow and also Mother! underperformed at package office. Reese Witherspoon come up 5th this year v $16.5 million, but together with Jennifer Aniston, she will view a far-reaching bump following year through their apple streaming organization show. Mila Kunis earn $16 million because that the 6th spot, if Julia Roberts took seven with $13 million. Finishing the height ten is Cate Blanchett, Melissa McCarthy, and also Gal Gadot v $12.5 million, $12 million, and also $10 million, respectively.

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Infinity War is now obtainable to acquisition digitally and on Blu-ray and DVD, which will certainly include to the earnings of the blockbuster film. The black color Widow duty has proven to be a lucrative role for Scarlett Johansson over the years, i m sorry is around to acquire a lot bigger. Avengers 4 is coming following year and also then the independent Black Widow movie is additionally currently in development. It"s quite possible that Johansson will be ago as the highest possible paid actress in the close to future. You can check out the remainder of the year"s peak actresses over at Forbes.