10 richest Late Night Talk show Hosts, Ranked By net Worth There space plenty of late night talk present hosts out there, and also some of them space worth a many money. I m sorry one is the richest?

late night talk shows have been a mainstay in the entertainment service for decades. A great host will carry out a hilarious monologue the touches on existing events, politics, and other stylish topics, and also will interview a selection of guest such that the viewers room glued to their display screens to listen in ~ above the watch casual conversation.

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In today’s landscape, late night talk display hosts have additionally become recognized for coming up v clever skits and also sketches the go viral, viewed by millions virtual after they originally air on the show. Who room the wealthiest late night talk present hosts currently ~ above television? here they room ranked, based on data from CelebrityNetWorth.com.

one of the newer additions to this list, Corden introduced his show, The late Late display with James Corden, ~ above CBS in 2015. And also he has actually risen to fame thanks to his funny demeanor, hilarious interviews, and popular sketches like Carpool Karaoke, i beg your pardon has since been turned right into a series for to apologize TV.

Corden action in the U.K. Prior to securing this gig, certification in the sitcom Gavin & Stacey i m sorry he additionally co-created and also co-wrote. In enhancement to acquisition on various other hosting gigs, choose the Brit Awards, that adds to his earnings through acting. Many recently, you can see the in the movie adaptation that Cats.

This many Emmy Award-winning host, comedian, writer, producer, politics commentator, and also actor has actually been hosting Last main Tonight with John Oliver due to the fact that 2014, wherein he touches on political topics. The previously worked as a correspondent top top The Daily display with Jon Stewart.

Getting his start as a stand-up comedian, he additionally hosted a comedy podcast and also has done some acting work, consisting of playing a psychology professor ~ above Community in a guest role. In 2018, he additionally started functioning as an executive, management producer for Wyatt Cenac’s trouble Areas.

getting recognition together a head writer on map out comedy series Saturday Night Live, then as host of the news parody segment that the show, Weekend Update, it made sense that Meyers would certainly take over because that Jimmy Fallon to develop Late Night through Seth Meyers as soon as Fallon took end The tonight Show.

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Myers has actually been hosting his show because 2014, and has hosted other shows as well, consisting of the Primetime Emmy Awards that same year and also the golden Globe Awards in 2018. He proceeds to create and write various other projects, consisting of an animated series The Awesomes.

7 Lilly sink - $16 million

The just woman ~ above this list, and also the newest entrant, too, Singh beginning hosting her very own talk show on NBC, A small Late with Lilly Singh, in in march 2019. However she amassed much of she fortune prior to that from being a renowned YouTube star.

The 31-year-old Canadian is known online as IISuperwomanII and also was one of the highest possible paid YouTube stars in 2017. In enhancement to she YouTube channel, Singh additionally had a vlog channel and also has released her own music. She has also done some acting work.

taking over The day-to-day Show in 2015 after ~ Jon Stewart’s departure, noah has end up being a renowned member that the politics commentating so late night team. Also a comedian, writer, producer, and also actor, he to be the runner-up of south Africa’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2008.

In 2010 and also 2011, Noah had his own show, Tonight through Trevor Noah, which the created and also hosted. He began out top top The daily Show as a recurring contributor. The has likewise written a comedy book and also has done part acting work.

5 Jimmy Kimmel - $45 million

one of the longest-running master on the list, Kimmel has actually bene hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! due to the fact that 2003. He has likewise hosted both the Primetime Emmys and the Academy Awards.

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Kimmel was best known prior as co-host that The guy Show and also Win Ben Stein’s Money. He has additionally produced a number of shows, including Crank Yankers and The Andy Milonakis Show. the popularized viral video segments from so late night talk show hosts through ones favor “I’m F**ing Ben Affleck” made by his girlfriend at the moment Sarah Silverman and his video reply featuring Matt Damon, "The Handsome Men’s Club", and "Mean Tweets." the has additionally done part acting and also voice work and also released his an initial children’s book in July 2019.

Colbert has won countless awards for his CBS talk show The Late show with Stephen Colbert, which has been top top the air since 2015, succeeding David Letterman. Prior to that, he had actually a satirical Comedy main show The Colbert Report, i m sorry aired from 2005-2014.

Also a comedian, writer, producer, and also actor, Colbert functioned as a correspondent on The daily Show before getting his very own show. The has additionally written a new York times bestselling book and also was co-creator that the Comedy main series Strangers through Candy. He organized the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2017.

3 Jimmy Fallon - $60 million

increasing to fame together a actors member on Saturday Night Live, Fallon’s electrical energy got him his very own talk show, Late Night v Jimmy Fallon. In 2014, he succeeded Jay Leno as the new host of The Tonight present with Jimmy Fallon, i beg your pardon he has been hosting ever before since.

Also through some acting credits come his name, in films like Taxi and Fever Pitch, Fallon has actually written a few children’s books and hosted other occasions like the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2012. The has additionally released number of comedy albums.

As host of Conan top top TBS due to the fact that 2010, O’Brien to be a writer top top Saturday Night Live as well as The Simpsons. He ultimately took over Late Night indigenous David Letterman and also hosted The this evening Show for a short duration before a host adjust was confirmed.

O’Brien is also a podcaster and producer, hosting Conan O’Brien requirements a Friend due to the fact that 2018, and producing series like Andy Barker, P.I. and Outlaw. He has taken breaks from so late night talk show hosting to walk on national comedy tours, and has done part voice work, too. Favor others ~ above this list, the has additionally hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards (in 2002 and 2006) and also the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

1 bill Maher - $100 million

having hosted his political talk present Real Time through Bill Maher top top HBO due to the fact that 2003, Maher additionally previously held Politically Incorrect indigenous 1993-2002, which aired ~ above Comedy main and then ABC.

Known for his politics satire, that discusses whatever from national politics to religion and mass media. He offer on the boards for PETA and NORML, supporting both animal rights and the legalization of cannabis. He additionally frequently comment on various cable news networks, has showed up on phase in theatre productions, and is an executive producer the the HBO series Vice.

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