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Angela Bassett has been given a hefty pay rise for the fifth season of Fox display 9-1-1. The actress is reportedly taking house $450,000 each episode, which follow to Deadline may be the highest ever salary for an actress of shade on a drama series. That is likewise in the optimal salary bracket for TV gibbs in general, an interpretation the What"s Love gained to do With It and Black Panther actress is currently seated amongst some genuine high-rollers.

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Here we look at few of the highest-paid actors in the history of the tiny screen.

The cast of Friends


Warner Bros. Television/Getty ImagesJennifer Aniston"s value from apple TV+ is huge (more on this below) yet she was currently one of the highest-paid TV performers 20 years ago—along v her five Friends co-stars.

According come Variety, the sitcom"s six leads—Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and also David Schwimmer—were every paid $750,000 an episode by 2001.

The adhering to year, this was bumped up to $1 million each for a 22-episode run.

The six went back to the Friends set for a reunion illustration that aired top top HBO Max in might this year. They were paid at the very least $2.5 million each for the 100-minute special.

Kaley Cuoco


Mike Windle/Getty pictures for Bethesda/Getty ImagesThe huge Bang Theory actors were all pretty well paid by the end of the long-running CBS sitcom—and Kaley Cuoco was on among the highest possible rungs.

Her value in 2018 to be $24.5 million for a season, according to Forbes. This was reportedly about $1 million less than her top-billed co-stars Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, yet $1 million an ext than collection regulars Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar.

Cuoco and her masculine co-stars reportedly took pay cut to rise the salaries of Melissa Rauch and also Mayim Bialik, that both join the present a little later and also were on significantly lower wages.

Cuoco is currently star and also producer that The flight Attendant on HBO Max, therefore is likely taking home hefty salary packets for both those jobs.

Jennifer Aniston and also Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon and also Jennifer Aniston in "The Morning Show."Apple TV+Apple TV+ supposedly pays Aniston and also Reese Witherspoon $2 million each for every episode of The Morning Show.

It is a big sum because that TV, but Witherspoon has asked why her salary appears to bother people.

In a December 2019 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon did not confirm or deny the amount, yet did question why so countless reports showed up fixated ~ above it.

She said: "There appeared to be a resentment, together if us weren"t precious it or it to be bothersome, and I thought, "Why is the bothersome?"

"I guarantee these service providers are actual smart, and if lock agree to pay us, they"re act it for a reason. They probably had actually a many lawyers and also a lot of of business people decide on that number due to the fact that they knew that they to be going to make an ext than the back."

"Does it bother world when Kobe Bryant or LeBron James do their contract?

Kelsey Grammer


"Frasier" star Kelsey GrammerNBCKelsey Grammer played the command in one of the many successful sitcoms of every time, Frasier, because that 11 periods from 1993 to 2004.

The character of Dr. Frasier Crane began as a love attention for Diane in Cheers, however the spin-off take it on a life that its own—and is even being rebooted because that Paramount+.

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According come Variety, Grammer renegotiated his Frasier value in 2001. For the final two seasons of the show, he was paid $1.6 million one episode, making the the highest-earning TV actor in history.

His salary for the reboot has actually not to be revealed.

Ellen Pompeo


Ellen Pompeo together Meredith Grey in "Grey"s Anatomy" ABCEllen Pompeo is just one of the longest-standing TV leads, having played Meredith Grey on Grey"s Anatomy since the show started in 2005.

According come Forbes, Pompeo earned $550,000 per episode in 2020. She additionally takes a share from the syndication revenues of about $6 million a year.

Pompeo is one of three gibbs who have actually been top top the display as a main cast member because the start, along with Chandra Wilson and also James Pickens Jr.

Other big names who have showed up on the show include Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh and also Katherine Heigl.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara at the golden Globe Awards 2020.Steve Granitz/Getty ImagesSofia Vergara was called the highest-paid mrs in showbusiness by Forbes in 2020, taking residence $43 million for her work on Modern Family and as a judge on America"s obtained Talent, as well as for her countless licensing and also endorsement deals.

She win movie stars such as Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot to the top spot, in a year overcame by "small-screen paydays" throughout the pandemic, according to Forbes.

Vergara had previously topped the Forbes perform of highest-paid TV actresses for 7 years in a row. In 2018, she deserve almost twin the amount payment to Cuoco, that was in second place.

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