In the U.S. Airline industry, there room so numerous companies to choose from when you start your career as a trip Attendant. In a world based on seniority, that is command to take your time and also consider which one is going to be the finest for you.

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Do friend want long layovers, abundant trips whereby you deserve to do your job, have quick layovers, and also head home?

Do you desire a agency that pays the highest in the industry?

Do you desire to move, or room you figured out to stay where you are located; does the airline you desire to use for have a base wherein you live?

There are so plenty of questions come ask yourself before you even apply for the job you are hoping come get. It is in diligent. This could influence your life for many years come come. This article will shot to help you with few of these questions.

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Highest Pay

At the finish of the day, what you make money-wise is important. You desire to make sure that you are not only choosing an airline the is happen in a far-ranging amount that money, particularly for project security but a company that returns that money to your employees.

Look at pay scales, they can an extremely much educate you the the culture at the airline.

You have to look in ~ not just the beginning pay, but what your cap pay is as well. The longer you space with a company, the an ext money you will make.

The difference between airlines have the right to be significant. Specifically when it comes to how lock treat your employees.

My optimal three ns would choose in the category are:

1) Southwest Airlines

If you space in the industry, you know that Southwest has a great reputation for important taking care of their employees.

Not only are they one of the top, if not the top, payment in the industry, however they space constantly feather for new ways to display their employees the they room appreciated.

It has actually really created a culture of trust over there, with everyone i know very happy v the decision they made.

The median made here is roughly 65,000$ a year.

Of course, this counts on how plenty of hours you room flying, and what payscale you are on, based on your seniority.

2) Delta Airlines

Delta is considered one of the optimal three legacy carriers in the unified States, with this status, also comes money. Lock are known to salary their trip Attendants incredibly well, together with profit-sharing that is probably the ideal in the industry.

However, girlfriend do have to take into factor to consider the fact that they execute not have actually a union.

This have the right to be a large determining variable when it comes to using for this airline.

The average trip Attendant is making around $57,000 in ~ this airline, but again, you have to element their entire pay scale, just how much you are flying, and also how long you have been v the company.

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3) joined Airlines

United is an additional legacy transport in the unified States and also is well-known for that prestige.

With that normally comes a well-paid job, with a really fruitful career.

United additionally has a union, i beg your pardon for plenty of can be a deciding factor.

The median income for a United flight Attendant is about $55,000.

This again deserve to be affected based on i beg your pardon pay scale you room on, how much girlfriend fly, if girlfriend are largely flying domestic routes, or international, per diem rates, etc.

That go with any kind of of the airlines. United is one that will pay nicely, if you pick them.


Who wouldn’t dream around a layover in Paris

For who just beginning in the industry, layovers have the right to be very important piece of the puzzle.

Most people make this project their career for that specific purpose; they want to watch the world. You really need to ask around and see which airlines fit your take trip destinations the choice.

Do you want long domestic layovers, worldwide layovers, mainly Europe, south America, etc?

Just recognize that plenty of airlines do have actually a lot of of global flying, but they space usually organized by the most senior Flight Attendants in ~ the airline.

You might not acquire the layover you truly want, for years! take this into factor to consider as well.

My optimal three are:

1) Frontier Airlines

If girlfriend really desire to have actually some remarkable layovers, mainly domestic and also Mexico, you will certainly absolutely love this airline.

I can not even begin to tell you how much of the United says you will watch working because that this airline.

Having a 24-hour layover in Washington D.C., las Vegas, brand-new Orleans, Cancun, Indianapolis, etc. Some destinations i would have actually never imagined ns would loss in love through so passionately.

This airline will certainly truly give you the opportunity to not just go to this locations but to truly experience them together well.

It renders a large difference once you have the right to not only acquire paid come fly but to really enjoy the benefits as well.

I would highly, highly suggest this airline come anyone who is really trying to find long layovers.

2) unified Airlines

If you’re trying to find an airline that does a many of worldwide flying, United can just be your best option.

They have actually the biggest international network, the end of the three tradition carriers, and also truly go all over the world.

Their layovers could not constantly be as long as the airline I formerly talked about, however the odds the you acquiring the opportunity to see locations you’ve never ever thought girlfriend would be able to experience is important going to be a reality.

Especially as you gain more seniority, and can hold the paris you really want.

3) American Airlines

American have the right to be hit, or miss, ~ above this subject.

You can acquire amazing layovers, in several of the finest places, but you’re not guaranteed to acquire a long layover.

Example: you can get a trip to Shanghai, China. Sounds amazing right? However, you can be functioning a fourteen-hour flight, and then only obtain twenty- four hours in the country.

Most of the international flying, you room truly having to work for the layover.

However, v an airline such as American, you acquire a well- rounded amount of flying, both international and domestic.

Having Fun/Good job-related Environment

Hands down, I would say the airline that have the most fun, and also the finest work setting are the low-cost carriers.

They seem to tempt a most the younger period group, and also really just become a family.

A family members who create an atmosphere where girlfriend all invest time with one another, this also goes with having actually a an excellent relationship through the pilots. Castle really make it feel favor you space a team.

1) Frontier Airlines

I would certainly say the Frontier, hands down, has one that the best cultures for having actually fun & a an excellent work setting put together.

If you’re in search of an atmosphere where the crews will go out together, long layovers, fly through the same people a lot of the time, a family dynamic, etc. Then this is the airline for you!

2) Southwest Airlines

Southwest additionally has the exact same culture. The crews really invest time together once they have layovers, they have actually fun ~ above the flights when working, family bonds, etc.

I i can not use heard anyone at this airline speak badly about the culture.

This airline appears to have nearly all the dynamics anyone might really want.

3) soul Airlines

Like Frontier, this airline appears to attract a the majority of the younger period group, which consequently usually means more fun.

A lot of the tradition carriers can have funny as well, however so countless of the an elderly Flight Attendants have been act this for years, and just desire to relax.

Younger employees mean that in many regards this is their an initial airline, they want to suffer as lot as lock can.

Great setting to get human being to carry out things through you, if friend don’t like going on your own!

Travel Benefits

Most trip attendants love traveling

Hello travel benefits! one of the finest perks the the job.

You have the right to utilize these to really give you access to the world. So, pick wisely when you choose an airline, you desire one that has great partnerships with various other airlines about the globe. This will certainly only aid you in the lengthy run.

1) unified Airlines2) Delta Airlines3) American Airlines

I to be choosing all of the heritage carriers simply since they have actually the greatest networks.

Their tandem with various other airlines are 2nd to none, no to point out that you can take your very own airline practically anywhere.

This yes, really cuts down the cost of tickets, even though they are really cheap no matter what airline you really choose.

The legacies just make it much easier to non-rev (flying on an extremely cheap tickets) everywhere you yes, really want.

Not to mention, you have the right to fly on every other. If I occupational for United, i can likewise non-rev on Delta & American if I would certainly like. They include each other in their networks, i beg your pardon a lot of other carriers don’t have access to.

Best Work/Life Balance

All I have the right to say because that this piece, is really look at: the bases every carrier has, just how long civilization are sit on reserve for, deserve to you acquire turns-where you can go and also come earlier the very same day, what execute the trip sequences typically look like, do they have actually a reserve rotation, will I have to commute, etc.

Everything is walk to be subjective based on what friend personally room looking for.

1) heart Airlines

I made decision Spirit for the an easy fact that they have actually the shortest make reservation time.

Essentially saying the after a yes, really short duration of time, you can know specifically what you room flying every month.

Most heritage carriers, you will be top top reserve because that years! to trust me, reserve is horrible.

2) Frontier Airlines

Another low-cost carrier with brief reserve time.

Being top top reserve you only know when you are good to the company, friend don’t recognize what you will certainly be flying.

This deserve to be incredibly hard because that anyone through a family. Ask yourself, is it worth it to walk to one airline wherein you have the right to be traction onto reserve for years.

You might make a little less than the legacy carriers, but you will have a far better balance to her life.

3) Southwest Airlines

Another airline that provides it much easier for your employees to have a good balance.

They treat their employees exceptionally well, other as simple as gaining them much better food/alcohol discounts as soon as they space on the road.

Everything matters. Take your time.

Best Schedules

This one is additionally extremely subjective. It really simply depends on what you space personally looking for.

High time trips?

Turns (go somewhere and come back the very same day)?

A higher-amount that two-day trips?

Less legs (flights) in a day?

Red-eye flights (leave at night and arrive the following morning)?

It really simply depends ~ above what you room looking for.

1) Southwest Airlines

They most likely fly the most legs (flights) in a day, yet they do have the capability to drop under to zero flying hrs if castle wish.

This offers a most flexibility. 

2) Frontier Airlines

A well-rounded flying schedule, through the capacity to really drop what friend want.

They offer anywhere from turns, two-day trips, three-day trips, high time flying, short time flying, etc.

3) spirit Airlines

They offer specifically what the various other two airline offer.

I am choosing to choose these airlines really based upon the reality that they have short reserve times.

Once you obtain a line, that really opens you as much as having whatever schedule you really want. The possibilities really open from there.

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The firm Itself

Picking one airline to work-related for, have the right to be very hard.

There space so many pieces that enter what will truly do you happy and have a long and fruitful career.

However, really looking at the agency itself, as a whole, is other that have to be placed at the forefront.

You want a company that is not only going come treat its customers well, sustainability, however their employees together well.

When you have actually a society based top top complaining around the agency all the time, it yes, really puts a negative spin on your job. Walk somewhere where the people are happy!

1) Southwest Airlines 

As I’ve stated previously, Southwest just has an extremely an excellent reputation.

They are truly known across the market as really taking care of your employees. They really go above and beyond to certain their human being are taken care of.

2) Delta Airlines

If you’re in search of sustainability, Delta is one of the best airlines you might work for.

Not just do lock rank at the top because that customer service, yet they pay incredibly well, have a great employee package, and the ideal profit share in the industry.

3) joined Airlines

Pay scale, international routes, employee benefits, etc.

Career development Opportunities

Honestly, this just depends on what you desire to do with your career.

Being a flight Attendant doesn’t really have much upward growth.

You have the right to become a Purser, or a Flight service Manager, yet you don’t have countless options.

Take this into consideration when you look into this career. You will primarily be act the exact same things, because that the term of your career.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a flight Attendant is a huge deal.

Not in the feeling that the project is that lot different throughout the board because it isn’t, but which airline you select to construct a career with, way everything.

Seniority is what this sector is developed on, so select wisely.

Each one of us has actually our own wants, and also needs. Take it into factor to consider all avenues and figure out what’s truly crucial to you. Once you do this, it will certainly lead you come the finest airline for you specifically.

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After that, begin applying! This is a phenomenal career once you space with the appropriate company.