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It should come as no surprise if legends wilt Chamberlain or Michael Jordan dominate or sit atop any kind of scoring record in NBA history. 

The duo sit atop the leaderboard for most scoring titles and highest career scoring average. Jordan leads the means with 10 scoring titles and a job points typical of 30.12 points while Chamberlain has seven scoring titles to his name with a job scoring average of 30.07

The large Dipper dominates the leaderboard, having actually scored 50 or much more an NBA record 118 times, in a complete of 1045 job games, holding a huge lead over second-placed room of Famer Jordan. 

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In fact, a bulk of Chamberlain"s 50-point gamings came in the two periods from 1961 come 1963 once he score 50 or more as plenty of as 75 times v 45 in the 1961-62 season — the project when the large man averaged an NBA record 50.4 points every game. He had more 50-point gamings in that season alone than any kind of other player has in their whole career.

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Jordan has 31 50-point gamings to his surname in 1072 career regular-season games. 

Leaderboard for many 50-point games in NBA history
 Player50-point games
1.Wilt Chamberlain118
2.Michael Jordan31
3.Kobe Bryant25
4.James Harden23
5.Elgin Baylor17
6.Rick Barry14
7.LeBron James12
 Damian Lillard12
9.Allen Iverson11
10.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar10

After the two legends, the late Kobe Bryant ranks 3rd with 25 50-point games. His position is under threat from James Harden, the highest energetic player ~ above this list.

The Beard is one of three energetic players ~ above this list v the other duo gift LeBron James and Damian Lillard — both gift tied because that seventh all-time v 50-point games. Half the Lillard"s 50-point gamings came during the lengthy 2019-20 season, recording two of his six during the eight seeding gamings in the Orlando bubble. 

In fact, that season Lillard score 60 or an ext thrice, becoming just the second player in NBA history after Chamberlain to do so. 

Active players who could break right into the optimal 10 is two-time previous MVP Stephen Curry, who has nine career 50-point games and also only needs a couple more to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar"s tally that 10 for the 10th spot. 

Curry recorded 3 of those 10 games in the 2020-21 campaign when he won the scoring title v a scoring median of 32.0. So, it would certainly be safe to bet on the baby-faced assassin come crack right into the height 10. 

Most 50-Point games Among energetic Players
 Player50-Point Games
1.James Harden23
T2.LeBron James12
T2.Damian Lillard12
4.Stephen Curry9
5.Kevin Durant6
T6.Bradley Beal5
T6.Russell Westbrook5
T8.Carmelo Anthony4

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Anthony Davis4
T8.Kyrie Irving4

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