LAS vegas (KLAS) — A warm wave that started Friday is resulting in sweltering triple-digit temperature in Nevada, California and Arizona and setting records.

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The temperature in the ras Vegas sink Tuesday was 114 levels making the the hottest job of the year. Document high temperature are likewise expected Wednesday v a feasible high temperature that 112 degrees.

The extreme heat warning has actually been prolonged to Thursday at 10 p.m.

Another work of #ExcessiveHeat to go along with afternoon & evening thunderstorm activity. Store an eye on arising weather specifically if your plans incorporate boating top top area lakes today. #nvwx #cawx #azwx

— NWS las Vegas (

According to the nationwide Weather Service, The ras Vegas valley is in its sixth straight job of temperatures 110 degrees or above. The document was set in 1961 as soon as there were 10 work in a row of 110 degrees or higher. The stretch of continuous days through a high temperature in ~ or over 110 is supposed to finish Saturday as soon as the high may only reach 108.

Tuesday’s high temperature the 114 degrees collection a everyday record and also was the hottest day of the year. Monday’s high temperature the 112 levels also collection a day-to-day record. Day-to-day records could also be set for Thursday when a high temperature that 112 is expected and also Friday v a high temperature that 111.

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EXCESSIVE warm WARNING tho in result until 10PM THURSDAY, one more record breaking day now possible, expected high 113. Take it precautions for this too much heat. Stay hydrated and take the easy. Border outdoor task during hottest part of day. Remember, #HeatKills.

— las Vegas FireRescue (

The overnight low temperatures are also setup records for the warmest lows checked out on those days.

Due to the excessive heat in west states and the impact it might have top top the strength gird, NV power is questioning customers to conserve electricity between the hours of 2 p.m. To 9 p.m.


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