If she a thrill-seeker who loves adventure and also doesn’t mind heights, you have to travel to Portugal as quickly as it’s for sure to take trip again.

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That’s because the world’s longest pedestrian bridge simply opened close to Arouca, in northern Portugal. The see-through 516 Arouca bridge — named after that length and location — is 516 meters (1,693 feet) long and hangs 175 meter (574 feet) above a river.

“It to be extraordinary, a distinct experience, one adrenaline rush,” Hugo Xavier, among the an initial people to overcome the bridge, claimed in a Reuters article. “I to be a tiny afraid, but it was so precious it.”

Pedestrian Bridges

The 516 Arouca leg isn’t the only bridge the its type in the world. For example, Japan’s Kokonoe Yume bridge is 1,280-feet long, and the Charles Kuonen Suspension bridge in Switzerland is 1,621-feet long, an associated Press article explains.

The U.S. Is even home come a amazing pedestrian bridge. However, even though the Gatlinburg SkyBridge in Tennessee has actually a transparent glass floor in ~ its highest possible point, the “only” stretches 680 feet across a valley in the an excellent Smoky Mountains, an NPR short article notes.

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The 516 Arouca Bridge

The bridge, i beg your pardon is in the UNESCO-recognized Arouca Geopark, is 186 miles north the Lisbon — Portugal’s capital. The spans Paiva Gorge and also overlooks the Paiva river — while giving amazing see of the Aguieiras Waterfall, according to a news release.

The bridge, which is made of stole cables that narrow slightly in the middle, hangs between two tremendous concrete pillars. Those more, the bottom is transparent so people crossing it can look straight down right into the gorge. Girlfriend can even see with the sides, definition the bridge appears to it is in open, the article notes.

Construction the the 516 Arouca bridge cost roughly $2.8 million and took a tiny over two years come complete. Locals hope the the bridge will ultimately draw big numbers of tourists and carry out a rise for the travel industry, which to be hit tough by COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Know prior to You Go

The U.S. State room notes the Portugal is right now under a Level 4: perform Not take trip advisory, while the U.S. Embassy in Portugal explains that the nation is “in a country-wide State of Calamity.” Consequently, U.S. Citizens cannot travel straight from the U.S. To Portugal for non-essential travel.

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That said, when Portugal is able come re-open to tourists, you’ll should purchase ticket in development — either on the bridge’s website or in the Interactive tourism Store. More information may be found here.