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it’s over. There will be no an ext presidential debates in between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (Hopefully.)

The final controversy looked, at first, favor it can have to be pretty normal. At the start, over there were part Trumpy moment — however for the many part, it showed up like both candidates, many thanks to Trump’s slightly better behavior, were going to mainly stick come the issues.

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Then trump happened. Through the end of the debate, Trump had insulted Latino immigrant in Spanish, ongoing to say that he would certainly not concede the choice if the lost, and also called Clinton “such a nasty woman.”

In numerous ways, it was a fitting end to what’s to be a very odd election season. But it additionally offered yet an additional reminder that we room living in very strange times.

So here’s what you require to understand coming the end of tonight’s debate.

Before the conflict began, Trump appeared to enraged Trump TV

Thirty minutes prior to the debate, Trump’s Facebook web page went live v a video. The ran through the message: “If you’re exhausted of biased, mainstream media report (otherwise known as Crooked Hillary’s supervisor PAC), tune into my on facebook Live broadcast. Starts in ~ 8:30 EST/5:30 PST -- friend won"t desire to miss it. Enjoy!” The ensuing show had its very own anchors and also guests.

For any other candidate, this might come off as unremarkable. However Trump’s wording, the initial anchors and guests, and ongoing rumors indicate this is a tease of “Trump TV” — a business venture Trump can launch ~ his failure presidential bid.

Matt Yglesias described for

While Trump and his team perform not appear capable of win a basic election in the unified States, they definitely have the right mix of skills and endure to run a effective media company, urgent the currently Breitbart and also Hannity franchises along with the trump brand to form Trump TV or trump Media.

Trump’s people, for their part, can not use done lot to dispel the rumors. Here’s what Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon claimed recently, according to CNN anchor Brian Stelter’s newsletter:

Bannon did not deny talk about a potential "Trump TV" network or streaming service. When asked if there is anything come the rumors, Bannon responded v a smile and also said, "Trump is an entrepreneur." He repetitive the prize again later. "Trump is one entrepreneur." He additionally pointed out Trump"s social media prowess top top Facebook and also Twitter. "Look at the engagement. It"s incredible..."

The facebook Live video, however, suggests that Trump’s team isn’t also bothering to wait until after the election to pull this off.

So far, though, the operation looks pretty amateurish. The lighting to be poor, the sound to be messy, and the show featured former Arizona Gov. January Brewer rambling aimlessly for method too long. That was no impressive.

Trump to be asked around the supreme Court. He immediately made the issue about himself.

The very first question the the debate was about the can be fried Court — probably the biggest issue of the election. Clinton rattled off several of the important problems the Court might take top top if she it s okay to choose nominees: campaign finance, abortion, and LGBTQ issues.

Trump immediately turned the concern to himself:

The supreme Court, it"s what it’s every about. Our country, the so, so, just so imperative the we have the best justices. Something happened recently where justice Ginsburg make some an extremely inappropriate statements towards me and toward a tremendous number of people — many, plenty of millions of world that ns represent. And also she was required to apologize, and apologize she did. However these were statements that have to never ever have to be made.

For those that don’t know what this is about, check out’s explainer top top what happened with Ginsburg.

As for the dispute moment, this is classic Trump. As Kevin Drum noted at mom Jones, Trump appears to be propelled in large part through a consistent need to acquire vengeance on civilization who slam him. He’ll go after anyone who’s also a little vital — consisting of a former Miss Universe, politicians, and, now, a can be fried Court justice.

And together Dara Lind composed for, the presidency would empower trump card to carry out this vendetta in some an extremely frightening ways.

Clinton and Trump had a serious, considerable clash on abortion

When abortion come up, Trump and Clinton had a rare moment: an instance of serious, considerable discussion. And Clinton, because that the very first time ~ above the controversy stage, got an extremely passionate in her response.

At the top, moderator kris Wallace asked the candidates to clarify their stances top top Roe v. Wade, the supreme Court decision that effectively legalized abortion nationwide:

WALLACE: What I"m asking you, sir, is execute you want to see the Court overturn? You just said you desire to check out the Court defend the 2nd Amendment. Perform you desire to check out the Court overturn Roe v. Wade?

TRUMP: If us put one more two or probably three judge on, that will happen. And also that will happen automatically in mine opinion since I"m putting pro-life judge on the Court. I will say this, it will certainly go ago to the states and also the claims will then do a determination.

WALLACE: Secretary Clinton?

CLINTON: ns strongly assistance Roe v. Wade, which promises a constitutional best to a mrs to make the most intimate, most daunting in many situations decisions around her health care that one deserve to imagine. And in this case, it"s no only about Roe v. Wade. The is about what"s continue right currently in America. So plenty of states space putting very stringent regulations on women that block lock from exercising that choice to the level that they room defunding plan Parenthood, which, of course, provides all type of cancer screenings and also other benefits for females in ours country.

And here is another part of the exchange, ~ above partial-birth abortion:

TRUMP: i think it"s disastrous if you go with what Hillary is speak in the 9th month you can take the baby and rip the baby the end of the womb the the mother simply prior to the birth of the baby.

Now, you can say that that"s okay, and Hillary can say the that"s okay, however it"s not okay v me. Because based on what she"s saying and based on whereby she"s going and also where she"s been, you have the right to take the baby and rip the baby the end of the womb in the 9th month, on the final day. And that"s not acceptable.

CLINTON: Well, the is no what happens in this cases. And using that sort of fear rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate.

You should accomplish with few of the women that I"ve met with. Ladies I"ve well-known over the food of mine life. This is among the worst possible choices that any kind of woman and her household has to make. I execute not believe the government should be making this decisions. I"ve to be to countries where governments required women to have abortions favor they walk in China or force women come bear kids like they supplied to carry out in Romania. I can tell girlfriend the federal government has no company in the decisions that females make through their households in accordance through their faith, with medical advice, and I will certainly stand up for the right.

Trump do a factual error: As sarah Kliff explained for, abortions don’t happen at nine months.

But the candidates’ answers still generally got at the see of both political parties on the abortion debate. Offered the absence of substance in this election, it to be a fairly good moment.

Clinton bullshitted ~ above WikiLeaks

Clinton to be asked around her leaked remarks to a Brazilian bank that she “dream is a hemispheric typical market, with open up trade and also open borders, part time later on with energy that is together green and sustainable as we can acquire it, powering growth and opportunity because that every human being in the hemisphere.”

Clinton’s answer was unpersuasive, come say the least:

Well, if friend went ~ above to review the remainder of the sentence, i was talking around energy. You know, we trade an ext energy v our neighbors than we trade with the rest of the people combined. And I carry out want us to have actually an electrical grid, energy system that the cross borders. Ns think that would be a good benefit to us.

But you room very clearly quoting native WikiLeaks, and what"s really important around WikiLeaks is that the Russian government has involved in espionage against Americans. They have actually hacked American websites, American accounts of personal people, of institutions, climate they have offered that details to WikiLeaks because that the function of putting it on the internet.

Who knows if Clinton covertly supports open borders? I absolutely don’t. Yet Clinton’s answer did not come off together convincing. My analysis of her remarks was that power was an example of exactly how open borders would work, no the whole substance.

The enlarge issue, though, is the Clinton blatantly make the efforts to distract from the question by walk into exactly how WikiLeaks derived the leaked emails. The Russian hack is absolutely troubling, but it’s a separate issue than what Clinton to be asked about. It just wasn’t a good look.

Trump do the efforts out part Spanish

When Trump’s ties come Russia and also Russian chairman Vladimir Putin come up, this happened:

CLINTON: Well, that"s because rather have actually a puppet as president.

TRUMP: No puppet, no puppet.

CLINTON: and it"s pretty clear—

TRUMP: You"re the puppet.

CLINTON: It"s pretty clean you won"t admit—

TRUMP: No, you"re the puppet.

“No, you!” is a time-honored comeback in preschools and kindergartens approximately the world. Unfortunately, it’s simply not convincing on the presidential phase — especially due to the fact that Trump has actually a many troubling ties come Russia, if Clinton doesn’t.

Trump’s sexual attack allegations come up — and Trump refuse them completely

Over the past couple of weeks, the large election concern was the leaked 2005 tape reflecting Trump saying he have the right to sexually attack women — “grab ’em by the pussy” — due to the fact that of his celebrity status and also the several women who have actually come out and also accused trump of sex-related misconduct and also assault.

Trump said:

Well, first of all, those stories have actually been largely debunked. Those people, ns don"t know those people. I have a feeling exactly how they came. I think it to be her campaign that walk it. Similar to if friend look at what came out this particular day on the clips wherein I to be wondering what occurred with my rally in Chicago and also other rallies where we had such violence. She is the one — and Obama — that brought about the violence. They hired people. They paid them $1,500 and they"re top top tape speak be violent, reason fights, do poor things.

I would say the only way, since the stories are all completely false. I need to say that. And also I didn"t even apologize to my wife, that is sitting right here, since I didn"t carry out anything. I didn"t know any type of of this women. I didn"t check out these women. These women, the mrs on the plane, i think they desire either call or her project did it. And also I think it"s her campaign. Once I observed what lock did, i beg your pardon is a criminal act, through the way, where they"re telling human being to walk out and also start fistfights and also start violence, i tell friend what, in details in Chicago, human being were hurt and also people could have been eliminated in that riot.

It’s no clear what violence in ~ Trump’s rallies has to do through sexual assault allegations. And also it’s weird that Trump would certainly emphasize that he did not apologize to his wife over this whole scandal.

It’s additionally not true that the allegations have actually been debunked. In fact, in the previous week, world magazine released a follow-up article corroborating much of one accuser’s claims.

So it might not surprised you that no one, at least based on the solution on social media, seemed to have actually their minds changed by Trump’s remarks.

Trump once again said that the election will be rigged

Later top top in the debate, Wallace request Trump about his baseless cases the choice is “rigged” versus him. As many human being have explained, these insurance claims are danger — effective democracies are built, in part, on human being believing the results.

The exchange was no reassuring:

TRUMP: pardon me, Chris, if you look at her voter rolls, you will view millions of human being registered come vote. This isn"t coming from me, from rage report and also other places. Millions of human being that are registered come vote that shouldn"t it is in registered to vote.

So allow me just offer you one other thing as I talk around the corruption media. I talk about the countless people. I tell friend one various other thing. She shouldn"t be allowed to run. She"s guilty the a very, really serious crime. She have to not be enabled to run. And just in that respect, ns say it"s rigged. Since she need to never -- Chris, she have to never have been allowed to run for the presidency based upon what she did v emails and so many other things.

WALLACE: Sir, there is a tradition in this country, in fact one that the prides that this country is the peaceful shift of power. And that no matter just how hard-fought a project is, the at the finish of the project that the loser concedes come the winner. No saying that you"re have to going to be the loser or the winner. However that the loser concedes come the winner, and that the nation comes with each other in part for the good of the country. Room you speak you"re no prepared currently to go to that principle?

TRUMP: What I"m saying is I"ll call you at the time. I"ll store you in suspense, okay?

So once he was warned just how dangerous his comments room here, Trump doubled down. He just doesn’t seem come care about the risks involved.

Trump dubbed Clinton “a nasty woman”

Toward the end of the debate, Clinton was offering a pretty normal policy response around Social Security. In the process, she got in a little jab in ~ Trump.

“I am on document as saying that we should put more money right into the Social security trust money — that’s part of mine commitment to raise counting on the wealthy,” she said. “My Social protection payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming that can’t number out just how to acquire out that it.”

It was a reference to the reports the Trump once wrote off a loss so huge that he may not have paid taxes for as much as 18 years. The suggestion being the if Trump obtained out of paying taxes before, he might dodge paying his Social security taxes in the future, also if Clinton raises the payroll taxes for the wealthy.

Trump did not appreciate it. “Such a nasty woman,” he said.

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Once again, it bears emphasizing that this kind of behavior is merely not common on the presidential dispute stage. Normally, candidates might disagree, criticize, and get in part zingers, but direct insults like Trump’s are simply weird. And also it’s probably the last minute a massive audience will really remember native the 2016 campaigns.

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