Love at very first sight! Hilarie Burton and also Jeffrey Dean Morgan have enthralled fans with their sweet relationship, which conveniently evolved after castle met in might 2009.

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The One Tree Hill alum hit the off through the Walking Dead actor instantly, thanks in part to her previous costar Danneel Ackles’ interference. Morgan, for his part, had actually his Supernatural costar Jensen Ackles to give thanks to for presenting the pair that spring.

The pair didn’t tie the knot until October 2019, but throughout their very first 10 year together, they grew in their love, welcomed 2 children and also began many businesses.

“From the moment I met
jeffreydeanmorgan, he was my husband. Fairly than do vows best out that the gate, we lived them. Because that over ten years. The great times and the bad,” Burton composed via Instagram after ~ she and Morgan legally wed. “Standing up there through our youngsters at our political parties — celebrating all that has been — was bliss.”

The “Drama Queens” podcast cohost gushed over her man, adding, “I love girlfriend Jeffrey. Ns love our intimate team of friends and also family that joined us. I love the miscellaneous circles of love ones who have actually supported united state over the years. It was private and magical and also everything i dreamed. Therefore yeah. Ns Mrs. Morgan.”

Two year later, the pair reflect on their development to one another and also how they’ve developed as a pair since their blind date.

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“The smokin hot
jeffreydeanmorgan showed up and also it was video game over,” Burton recalled via Instagram in might 2021. “Here’s to gift crazy kids, living anywhere the country, giving birth to 2 doppelgängers, getting gray hair and still being totally inappropriate … together.”

The Good Wife alum, for his part, noted via social media that Jensen “knew he had actually the gal because that me” — and that his girlfriend was right. “Been v her ever due to the fact that that night. In truth … two youngsters later … one 11 (do that math!) ultimately married … and never could of imagine this kind of happiness,” Morgan defined of his romance v Burton. “The adventures have been numerous … and also planning brand-new ones together I compose this. Give thanks to you Jensen and Danneel for acquisition a wild stab in the dark … and also thank girlfriend
hilarieburton for goddamn everything.”

The Unholy actor added: “Happy Timmy Nolan day!! Props to Irish automobile bombs and not eat a perfectly an excellent bun on a hamburger. Love the shit outta you Mrs. Morgan. Xxxx.”

Scroll down to relive Burton and Morgan’s connection highs and also lows:

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