River Bluff Water Experience

Dive into our water park oasis in mountain Antonio, TX

even if it is you're traveling v close girlfriend or distant family, every minute under the Hill country sun is unforgettable. River Bluff Water Experience boosts your mountain Antonio staycation through pools, whirlpool spas, saunas and more. Ours water park amenities at JW mountain Antonio Hill nation Resort and Spa space heated during cool weather because that year-round enjoyment.Ride a tide of fun and excitement in ~ our premier mountain Antonio resort. Adventure and also relaxation walk hand in hand at river Bluff Water Experience. Come to rise on our 1,100-foot lazy river or enjoy our wide selection of pools, which includes an adults-only swim area. Spread out out end nine acres and brimming with incredible water experiences, our hotel recreates sky in Texas Hill Country.Water park and amenities are open daily, weather permitting. Hrs of procedure vary by season and are subject to adjust without notice.If it is listed below 55 degrees, flow Bluff Water experience attractions will be closed. The task pool, household hot bath tub and adult swimming pool will remain open.Guests of our resort reap exclusive access to flow Bluff Water Experience and are restricted to four (4) entry wristbands per room for the water park.

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As a guest of the resort, sit earlier and relax in one of our Luxurious Cabanas the are located at either the Sand Beach pool or activity Pool. Each cabana seats as much as 8 guests and is equipped v shade, lounge seating, refrigerator v water, safe, and personal VIP business to ensure an exceptional experience. Cabana guests additionally have convenient accessibility to a exclusive server to enjoy the tastes that the Rivertop Bar and Grill. Contact Concierge for Cabana details at: Phone: (210) 276-2500, choice 4 E-mail: SATJW-CabanaSales Cost and access may vary depending on the season. Group Sales and also Private events can be reserved through the Resort endure Sales Coordinator in ~ 210-491-5885.


At JW mountain Antonio Hill country Resort& Spa, us celebrate every moment of sun. Us invite you to relax, splash and also play in ~ our flow  Bluff Water Experience. Guest of the resort enjoy exclusive access to the flow Bluff Water Experience and also are limited to four (4) entry wristbands per room.

Guests have the right to ascend the Water Tower adjacent to the children’s swimming pool to access the Acequia pipe Slides. At the 35’ high begin platform, guests will not only experience an expansive view of the neighboring landscape and also Water Experience, but additionally the excitement of the twists and turns awaiting castle in the two 275-foot-long Acequia pipe Slides.
The Canyon Oak Twister and also Hill country Plunge human body slides soar above the Hill Country. Guests have the right to take the ultimate plunge down the Hill nation Plunge human body slide together they reach as much as speeds the 20 mph. The Canyon Oak Twister has the dramatic door dropping excitement together you swish native 60 feet in the waiting downhill. Riders must be at the very least 48” tall to drive the attraction.
Grab a tube and enjoy the 1,100-foot lazy river! This is a perfect chance for guest to take it a leisurely float roughly the 9-acre waterpark.
The Pedernales river is a 650-foot innovative and unique custom water ride experience. Utilizing reduced gradients and higher volumes that water, the on slide is very similar to a natural river. The swift present produces a fast moving, powerful ride endure that literally carries rider and also tubes from one curve right into the next.
Created for task and child’s play, the Children’s swimming pool area attributes a zero-depth coast entry pool v two kiddie slides (4’ ht. And also 6’ ht. Over the water) and a third slide in the water that administer hours that enjoyment. Native this area, guest can communicate with others floating follow me the Pedernales River.
Enjoy relaxing at our flow Bend pool holding 97,000 gallons of water close to the sand for anyone to develop their very own sand castle fun! No inner tube are allowed into the Sand coast Pool and also life-jackets space highly motivated for weak or non-swimmers.
Venture out in the 261,000-gallon swimming pool while having actually fun in the sun! No inner tube are enabled into the task Pool and life-jackets are highly motivated for weak or non-swimmers.

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Adults can relax and also enjoy the see while listening to the waterfall created by the limitless edge along one next of the adult leisure pool or from the adjacent adult whirlpool.