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Today’s Wiki-est Amazonian Googlies


1 renowned Korean rice dish : BIBIMBAP

The surname of the oriental dish bibimbap translates literally together “mixed rice”, with “bibim” definition “mixed ingredients” and also “bap” meaning “rice”. Generally, the dish comes together a key of white rice topped v sautéed vegetables flavored through chili pepper paste. Variants often include a fried egg and also sliced beef.

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9 face expression : VISAGE

“Visage” is the French word for “face”, and is a hatchet we’ve imported right into English to typical “face” or “facial expression”.

15 Bach’s “Christmas ___” : ORATORIO

An oratorio is a big musical job-related for orchestra, choir and solo singers. Oratorios usually have actually a spiritual theme and also are comparable to operas, but without the action, costume and also scenery.

Like so many of the great composers, the extent of Bach’s donation to the collection wasn’t totally recognized until lengthy after his passing. I personally price Johann Sebastian Bach as the greatest composer of the Baroque period. That is ranked by many as the greatest timeless composer of all time.

18 street in one’s coffee, e.g. : SOLUTE

A solute is a substance liquified in a fluid, developing a solution.

19 ancient land that contained parts of contemporary Iraq and Turkey : ASSYRIA

Assyria was an old kingdom situated on the top Tigris river in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), named for its funding city the Assur. Follow to the Bible, the the original Twelve tribes of Israel, Ten people “disappeared” when the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians in 720 BCE.

21 Keane who drew “The family members Circus” : BIL

Bil Keane to be a cartoonist most connected with his piece “The family members Circus”. As soon as Bil sketched the end the text and idea for the cartoon, he offered to send it off to his boy Jeff Keane that inked and colored the pictures for that in ready for publication. In the storyline itself, the main personalities are based upon Bil’s very own family. In fact, the boy “Jeffy” in the story is based on Jeff, Bil’s son and longtime production assistant. After Bil passed far in 2011, Jeff take it over as the author of the strip.

22 execute some light cardio : JOG

Aerobic practice is moderate task designed to be at a low sufficient intensity that very tiny anaerobic task takes place. In other words, the practice is at a level wherein oxygen is bring away in to burn fat and carbohydrate and to develop energy. Anaerobic practice is more intense and uses carbohydrate (glycogen) in the muscle to carry out energy, without the need for oxygen. Aerobics are likewise called “cardio” as the exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system.

23 squid : TATS

The word “tattoo” (often shortened come “tat”) was very first used in English in the writings of the renowned English traveler Captain Cook. In his descriptions of the indelible point out adorning the skin that Polynesian natives, cook anglicized the Tahitian word “tatau” into our “tattoo”. Tattoos are sometimes referred to as “ink”.

27 sort of salami : GENOA

Genoa salami is made using preservation methods that source in old Rome.

29 His debut album was 1987’s “Rhyme Pays” : ICE-T

“Rhyme Pays” is a 1987 album released by musician Ice-T. It was the rapper’s first studio album, and also is taken into consideration in retrospect come be possibly the album that defined the genre now known as “gangsta rap”.

38 It’s do by coagulating soy milk : TOFU

“Tofu” is a surname for p curd, and also is a Japanese word definition just that … bean that has actually curdled. Tofu is produced by coagulating soybean beans milk, making use of either salt or other acidic. When the protein has coagulated, the curds room pressed right into the familiar blocks. Personally i love tofu, however my mam absolutely no it …

39 Mammal with 4 toes on the front feet and three ~ above the ago : TAPIR

All four varieties of tapir are endangered. Also though the tapir looks lot like a pig, the is much more closely related to the horse and the rhinoceros.

40 Pleasantly flavorful : SAPID

Something that is sapid is tasty, savory. The opposite to “sapid” is “insipid”, an interpretation “without taste, bland”.

41 financing figs. : APRS

Annual percentage rate (APR)

45 C’est un short article défini : LES

In French, “les” (the); “c’est un short article défini” (it is a definite article).

46 details judge’s ruling : LET

That could be tennis.

47 Portmanteau because that a dumpster-diving anti-consumerist eater : FREEGAN

Freeganism is an ideological background promoting alternative living methods that incur small or no cost by using sources that are usually discarded in the standard economy. Significant tactics are “dumpster diving” (searching because that discarded food) and also “guerrilla gardening” (growing food in city parks).

49 One can be attack : LINEMAN

That would be football.

54 Deliberately damages : SABOTAGE

There is a story the disgruntled textile workers would kick their wooden shoes, referred to as “sabots”, right into the looms in order to disable lock so that they didn’t have to work. This act of vandalism was called for the shoe, an act of … “sabotage”.

55 feasible cause of exhaustion : ANEMIA

The hatchet “anemia” (or “anaemia”, together we compose it back in Ireland) originates from a Greek word meaning “lack the blood”. Anemia is a lack of stole in the blood, or a low red blood cabinet count. Fatigue is a symptom of the condition, and so we usage the ax “anemic” figuratively to mean “lacking in vitality or substance”.

57 people people : CELEBS

There supplied to it is in a “People” web page in each concern of “Time” magazine. This web page was spun-off in 1974 as a publication of that is own, which we now speak to “People” magazine. “People” is noted for its annual special editions with attributes such together “Best & Worst Dressed” and also “Sexiest man Alive”. The “Sexiest male Alive” version now appears at the end of November each year. The an initial choice because that “Sexiest Man” to be Mel Gibson, in 1985.

58 Milky means and rather : GALAXIES

The Milky means is the name offered to our very own galaxy, the house to the Solar System. In fact, words “galaxy” originates from the Greek “galaxias” definition “milky”.


1 balloon tea : BOBA

Bubble tea, sometimes referred to as “boba tea”, is a tea-based drink native Taiwan. The “bubbles” room chewy tapioca balls that are usually included to the drink.

3 Amp knob : BASS

In a house audio system, one can have a preamplifier (preamp) and a strength amplifier. In together an arrangement, the preamp isn’t really an amplifier in ~ all as it does no amplify a signal or sound. The amplification job is left come the strength amplifier, and also the preamp serves as a switch between signal sources (cable box, CD player, DVD player etc.).

7 Sophia Loren title duty of 1953 : AIDA

Sophia Loren absolutely has earned she exalted position in the human being of movies. In 1962 Loren winner an Oscar for ideal Actress for her duty in the Italian film “Two Women”, noting the very first actress to victory an Academy Award because that a non-English speak performance. She got a second nomination for best Actress because that her duty in “Marriage Italian-Style”, one more Italian-language movie, released in 1964.

8 He when wrote “I came to be insane, with long intervals of terrible sanity” : POE

Edgar Allan Poe composed the words “I became insane, with lengthy intervals of horrible sanity” in one 1948 letter with recommendation to his too much drinking and the fatality of his wife.

Edgar Allan Poe (EAP) live a life of many firsts. Poe is taken into consideration to it is in the inventor the the detective-fiction genre. That was also the an initial notable American author to make his living with his writing, something the didn’t really go also well for him as he was constantly financially strapped. In 1849 the was uncovered on the roadways of Baltimore, delirious and in dire need of clinical help. Poe passed away a few days later on in hospital in ~ 40 years of age.

9 Fifth-century intruders : VISIGOTHS

The east Germanic tribe referred to as the Goths had two key branches, dubbed the Ostrogoths and the Visigoths. The Visigothic funding was the city that Toulouse in France, conversely, the Ostrogoth resources was the Italian city that Ravenna just inland that the Adriatic coast. It was the Visigoths who sacked Rome in 410 CE, proclaiming the fall of the Western roman inn Empire.

11 an obstacle in one alley : SPLIT

In ten-pin bowling, a separation takes place when the number-one pen (headpin) is knocked down v the first ball and also two or much more non-adjacent pins room left standing. The most complicated split to attend to is the well known 7-10 split, where just the rear pins at the extreme right and also left remain standing.

12 Dutch-speaking Caribbean island : ARUBA

Aruba is just one of the so-called alphabet islands situated off the northern coast of Venezuela. “ABC Islands” is a name given to the 3 westernmost archipelago of the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean. The nickname originates from the very first letters of the island names: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. All three of the abc islands are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

20 The original Frankenstein wasn’t one, in spite of popular belief : MONSTER

Mary Shelley’s Gothic novel has actually the complete title that “Frankenstein; or, The contemporary Prometheus”. The subtitle underscores one of the themes that the book, i.e. A warning around the growth into the industrial Revolution.

22 Competes in the Aquabike world Championship : JET SKIS

“Jet Ski” is in reality a brand surname owned through Kawasaki hefty Industries of Japan. The generic term, not frequently used, is “personal watercraft”. Most civilization use the hatchet “Jet Ski” generically, although “WaveRunner” is additionally popular. However that’s another brand name, one owned by Yamaha.

24 Jedi opponent : SITH

The Sith are personalities in the “Star Wars” universe who use the “dark side” that “the Force”, and also as such space the antithesis of the Jedi Knights. Members the the Sith use the location “Darth” before their name, as in Darth Vader. The last made of the 6 “Star Wars” movie is referred to as “Star wars Episode III: Revenge that the Sith”.

28 “___ you Experienced” (Jimi Hendrix album) : ARE

Many the his contemporaries pertained to Jimi Hendrix as the greatest electric guitarist in the background of absent music. Hendrix to be from Seattle and didn’t really have a really stellar start to his working life. The failed to finish high school and also fell foul the the regulation by getting captured in stolen cars, twice. The courts provided him the alternative of the army or 2 years in prison. Hendrix decided the former and soon discovered himself in the well known 101st Airborne. In the army, his less-than-disciplined ways assisted him (as that would have seen it) due to the fact that his superiors efficiently petitioned to gain him discharged after ~ serving only one year the his two-year requirement, just to get him out of their hair.

30 It’s every downhill from right here : HIMALAYAS

The magnificent Himalaya selection of mountains in Asia bring away its surname from the Sanskrit for “abode the snow”. Geographically, the Himalaya the end the Indian subcontinent native the Tibetan Plateau to the north.

33 first name in U.N. Diplomat : KOFI

Kofi Annan was a diplomat indigenous Ghana who offered as general Secretary that the UN because that ten years till the start of 2007. Annan was born right into an aristocratic family, and had a pair sister called Efua Atta. Efua and Kofi mutual the center name “Atta”, which means “twin” in the Akan language of Ghana. Annan attend the MIT Sloan college of management from 1971-72, and also graduated with a grasp of science degree. He to be awarded the Nobel tranquility Prize in 2001, to win jointly v the United countries organization itself.

34 Draw counterpart : STUD

“Stud poker” is the name offered to many variants that poker, all of which are characterized by the dealer giving each player a mix of cards face-down and face-up. The cards dealing with upwards are called “upcards”. The cards encountering downwards are dubbed “hole cards”, cards just visible come the individual that holds that details hand. This offers rise to the expression “ace in the hole”, a valuable holding that just the player through the ace is conscious of.

36 follower of F.D.R. : HST

The letter “S” in the middle of the name Harry S. Truman (HST) doesn’t was standing for anything. The future-president was called “Harry” in honor of his mother’s brothers Harrison “Harry” Young. The early “S” was liked in honor of young Harry’s two grandfathers: Anderson S-hipp Truman and S-olomon Young.

40 Madame, across the Pyrenees : SENORA

The equivalent of “Mrs.” in French is “Mme.” (Madame), in Spanish is “Sra.” (Señora) and also in Portuguese is also “Sra.” (Senhora).

The Pyrenees is a mountain variety that runs along the border between Spain and France. Nestled between the 2 countries, high in the mountains, is the lovely nation of Andorra, an old haunt of mine family throughout skiing season …

41 It has a duck rise in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade : AFLAC

In 1999, Aflac (American family Life Assurance Company) was huge in the human being of insurance yet it wasn’t a family name, therefore a brand-new York advertising company was offered the task of make the Aflac brand more memorable. Among the agency’s art directors, while go around main Park one lunchtime, heard a duck quacking and also in his mind connected it with “Aflac”, and also that duck has been “Aflacking” ever since …

46 some smears : LIBEL

The word “libel” describes a released or composed statement most likely to injury a person’s reputation. The comes into English from the Latin “libellus”, the word for a little book. Earlier in the 1500s, libel was simply a formal composed statement, through the more damaging association arising in the 1600s. The related ide of slander is defamation in a transient form, such as speech, sign language or gestures.

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50 listed gift givers : MAGI

“Magi” is the plural of the Latin indigenous “magus”, a term used to someone that was maybe to review the stars. Hence, “magi” is typically used with referral to the “wise males from the East” who followed the star and also visited Jesus quickly after he was born. In western Christianity, the 3 Biblical Magi are:

Melchior: a scholar native PersiaCaspar (also “Gaspar”): a scholar from IndiaBalthazar: a scholar indigenous Arabia51 He won a posthumous Pulitzer prize in 1958 : AGEE

James Agee to be a noted American film critic and screenwriter. Agee composed an autobiographical novel “A fatality in the Family” that won him his Pulitzer in 1958, albeit posthumously. He was also one the the screenwriters because that the 1951 classic movie “The afri Queen”.