Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump"s third wedding. Trump card has added to Clinton"s previous campaigns and also her husband"s foundation. Does this median that, prior to this election, they to be friends?


Donald Trump and also Hillary Clinton have been showing up like mortal adversaries on the project trail. Yet it wasn"t constantly that way. Back in the day, Clinton and also Trump socialized and also even looked like, challenge I say, friends. Here"s buzzpatterson.com"s Sam Sanders.

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SAM SANDERS, BYLINE: OK. Google the native Donald trump card Hillary Clinton wedding. What do you see? images of the Clintons and also the Trumps at Trump"s wedding to Melania in 2005. There"s this one with Bill grabbing Donald"s shoulder, one more one with Donald"s arm about Hillary, Bill"s hand approximately Melania. And also they"re every smiling. It"s simply smiles ~ above smiles on smiles. If you just saw those pictures, you"d swear the Donald and also Hillary are finest friends. Clearly, we need to hear native someone that was at the wedding.

BO DIETL: The name Bo - B-O - and also the last name"s Dietl. I"m the owner and also founder that Beau Dietl Associates.

SANDERS: I captured Bo critical week. He was in the Hamptons vacationing, for this reason he speak to me on his cell phone. And also the audio high quality is not the best. Anyway, Bo has been a girlfriend of Trump"s because that a while. And also he was there when the Clintons and also the Trumps acquired all snuggly.

DIETL: and when Donald and also Melania came out come greet a the majority of the guests, I witnessed Hillary going end and, friend know, kissing - you know, kissing them. And also she was an extremely pleasant through him.

SANDERS: Now, Dietl says, in ~ the very same wedding, Hillary was also really friendly with him. However here"s the thing to know about Bo. He"s a Fox News contributor, and also he"s said some not-very-nice things around Hillary Clinton. So he was surprised when their conference at the wedding went and also it did.

DIETL: ns was still talk to Shaq O"Neal, and also he was mirroring me his deputy sheriff badge or something. I hear from across the room - Bo, Bo. And also it was Hillary Clinton. And also she didn"t really know me that well. And she acted favor I to be her best friend.

SANDERS: She kissed you, friend said?

DIETL: Yeah, she ran across. And she offered me a kiss top top the cheek, and also I kissed she back.

SANDERS: for this reason it appears Hillary Clinton, like several politicians, can be trusted with civilization she isn"t exactly friends with - no biggie. But what about Donald Trump? the calls for an expert.

GWENDA BLAIR: Gwenda Blair, writer of "The Trumps: three Generations of Builders and A Presidential Candidate."

SANDERS: Blair has actually written two books around the Trumps. I talked to her via Skype. She claims Donald Trump"s friendships room not prefer yours and mine.

BLAIR: They"re transactional. They"re always transactional and only transactional.

SANDERS: and also it was a two-way street. The Clintons didn"t simply attend Trump"s wedding. Over the years, Donald Trump has given more than $4,000 to Hillary Clinton"s Senate campaigns and more than $100,000 to the Clinton structure according come PolitiFact. This is just something trump does.

BLAIR: he surrounds self with human being he perceives together winners - celebrities, sports stars, actors, entertainers. He wants to be, you know, literally in the photo with them.

SANDERS: Michael D"Antonio is likewise a trumped biographer. I talked come him on Skype, too. And also he says, because that Trump, just about everything he does is strategic.

MICHAEL D"ANTONIO: external of family, that seems like every relocate he provides is calculation to advantage him in some way, one of two people financially or politically.

SANDERS: D"Antonio says the relationship in between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in spite of the wedding photos and also the contributions, it to be pretty thin.

D"ANTONIO: girlfriend know, this is a man who literally to produce his life. So much of what we check out is fiction. It"s a play, a drama that manners.

SANDERS: and also D"Antonio says relationships with world at Trump"s level - at the Clinton"s level - they"re simply different. They room not prefer you and also me. They"re much more like other famed people.

D"ANTONIO: there is a Taylor Swift-Kanye West parallel when it involves Hillary and also Trump. They will certainly go at each other viciously, and also then I will not be surprised as soon as I do see them reconcile and also smile and shake hands at part party in the future.

SANDERS: Well, that might happen at part point, however definitely not prior to November. Sam Sanders, buzzpatterson.com News.

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