Donald Trump claimed Wednesday night the Hillary Clinton would enable abortions so so late doctors might “rip the baby out of the womb of the mother simply prior come the bear of the baby.”

“Now, you have the right to say the that’s OK, and Hillary can say that that’s OK, but it’s no OK v me,” Trump stated in the 3rd and final presidential debate. “Because based upon what she is saying, and also based on where she’s going and also where she’s been, you can take a baby and also rip the baby out of the womb. In the 9th month, ~ above the last day and that’s not acceptable.”

if Clinton has said she trust a fetus lacks constitutional rights, she walk vote against a half on late-term abortions in 2003 when serving as a senator from brand-new York.

“The type of cases that fall at the end of pregnancy are frequently the most heartbreaking, painful decision for family members to make,” Clinton said in the conflict Wednesday night, adding that trump was making use of “scare rhetoric.”

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Clinton top top abortions: trump card is utilizing scare rhetoric’s complete Reality examine of the final debate

“I have actually met with women who have, towards the end of their pregnancy, get the worst news one can get – the their health is in jeopardy if they proceed to bring to term, or the something destructive has taken place or just been discovered about the pregnancy,” she said. “I do not think the unified States federal government should it is in stepping in and making those most personal of decisions.”

Roe v. Wade, chose by the can be fried Court in 1973, made abortions legal throughout the whole term that a pregnancy, yet put limitations on the procedure during the second and 3rd trimesters.

Clinton does believe mothers should be allowed to terminate a pregnancy at any point – up till birth – if she life is in danger, however abortions as late in a pregnancy as Trump argues are nearly unheard of.

We as such rate Trump’s insurance claim as true, yet misleading.

Reality Check: trump justices would certainly overrule Roe v. Wade ‘automatically’

By Steve Vladeck,

Trump likewise claimed that the supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade would be overruled by judge he would certainly appoint come the supreme Court “automatically,” however that statement is belied by history.

although Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W.

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Shrub appointed justices who they thought would overrule the 1973 decision recognizing a woman’s constitutional ideal to pick an abortion, 3 of those appointees – judge Sandra work O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy and also David Souter – famously vote to keep the Roe decision in 1992.