Matt Lauer watch on as democratic presidential nominee previous Secretary that State Hillary Clinton speaks throughout the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum on September 7, 2016 in brand-new York City. Hillary Clinton and also republican presidential nominee Donald Trump space participating in the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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People who room shocked by the allegations of sex-related harassment by Matt Lauer are currently saying proof of his bad treatment of females was hiding in level sight: his widely criticized performance throughout a presidential forum last September.

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Lauer moderated the Commander-in-Chief forum, grilling then-presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but some viewers thought he pressed Clinton too tough on her email scandal fairly than overseeing the promised discussion around national protection issues.

In one informing moment, Lauer interrupted Clinton together she disputed her steadiness and capability to make complicated decisions, saying, "You"re talking about judgment" before steering the conversation in the direction of her usage of a personal email server while functioning as Secretary the State.


Matt Lauer looks on as democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks throughout the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum top top September 7, 2016 in brand-new York City. Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump room participating in the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images"You"re communicating on very sensitive topics. You"ve claimed it was a mistake," stated Lauer. "Why wasn"t it more than a mistake? Why wasn"t the disqualifying?"

The insistence on pointing out her emails ongoing throughout the forum, and also Lauer spent a full third of Clinton"s allotted time talking about the controversy. Meanwhile, he failed come fact check Trump as soon as he asserted that he had opposed the Iraq war. When Trump rambled about what the U.S. Should have actually done in Iraq, Lauer conveniently moved ~ above without pressing him for clarity.

After the debate, one NBC executive defined Lauer"s performance as a "disaster," and also the Clinton project used Lauer"s alleged hostility to seek additional campaign funds.

It is amazing. Lauer interrupted Clinton's answers repeatedly to relocate on. Not when for Trump. Hard to be a woman running for President

— Norman Ornstein (

Clinton had actually some an option words for Lauer specifics in her campaign memoir "What Happened."

"Now i was ticked off," wrote Clinton. "Lauer had actually turned what should have actually been a serious conversation into a meaningless ambush. What a rubbish of time."

Clinton said that she feeling Lauer offered Trump a much simpler time in the debate, questioning softer questions and also using a more collegial tone.

"I can"t say ns didn"t fantasize around shaking part sense right into Lauer while i was out there," she likewise wrote, additionally describing her feeling while on stage as "almost physically sick."

Plenty the viewers were upset through Lauer"s treatment of Clinton. Various other networks reportedly adjusted their strategy to stop a similar problem, selecting moderators carefully and also making sure they were an ext prepared because that a fair fight than Lauer had actually been. Through the morning complying with the NBC debate, the hashtag "Lauering the Bar" was trending top top Twitter, making use of a twist on "lowering the bar" to define Lauer"s sexist performance during the televised event.

Obviously, aggressive questioning by a reporter is not proof of, no one a predictor of, whether that reporter will certainly be a sexual predator in the workplace. But revisiting Lauer"s work has prompted debate about his treatment of Clinton, many succinctly by new York Magazine"s Rebecca Traister.

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"Our nationwide Narratives space Still gift Shaped by Lecherous, an effective Men," she wrote.