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Pictures present Condoleezza Rice, young name Clinton and also Barack Obama pictured with Osama Bin Laden.

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A collection of photos seeming to display Osama Bin Laden pictured v Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and also Condoleezza Rice have actually surfaced ~ above Facebook.

All three pictures are fake.

The one featuring former-presidential candidate and also Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is an edited version of a picture of the politician meeting musician Shubhashish Mukherjee in 2004. Star the David necklaces have been edited top top both in the image. The edited photo (without the Stars that David) to be an entry to a Photoshop competition on a website earlier in 2007.

The snapshot featuring previous Secretary that State Condoleeza Rice, was also an entry come an April Fools’ work Photoshop competition on the exact same website in 2007.

The image featuring chairman Barack Obama actually reflects the previous president with Hawaii-based attorney Andre Wooten.

This article is part of ours work truth checking perhaps false pictures, videos and stories top top Facebook. You have the right to read more about this—and find out just how to report facebook content—here. For the functions of that scheme, we’ve rated this insurance claim as false because all three pictures are fake.

By elegant Rahman
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