On January 12, 1998, former White house staffer Linda Tripp made a phone contact to the independent counsel investigating the Clintons, betraying the to trust of her girlfriend Monica Lewinsky and setup in movement the events that would cause the impeachment the President bill Clinton. Ryan Murphy’s FX series Impeachment: American Crime Story sets out to tell the story, beginning with vital events that the years the preceded, giving context for what led Tripp to carry out what she did. One such occasion is the self-destruction of deputy White home counsel Vince Foster, displayed in the series’ very first installment. Vince Foster was Tripp’s ceo in the West Wing before his death, and his death furthered her farming disillusion v the Clinton administration.

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Who is Vince Foster?

Vince Foster was a girlfriend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He flourished up through Bill in Hope, Arkansas, whereby they to be neighbors and attended institution together native boyhood. Foster i graduated from the university of Arkansas in ~ Fayetteville in 1971 v a regulation degree, and for the next 22 years, worked at the Rose legislation Firm in tiny Rock together Hillary Rodham Clinton. In 1993, once Bill Clinton was elected President, that appointed his girlfriend Foster to be his deputy counsel.

Foster automatically felt the pressure. In a 2016 op-ed in the Washington Post, Foster’s sister, Sheila Foster Anthony, wrote:

This is a grueling task in any kind of administration, especially so at the start, and also in the situation of the Clinton White House, the counsel’s office — and also Vince — to be consumed through problems, including over the shoot of employee in the White house travel office.

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Foster had come under fire in the first few months the his appointment for several scandals, consisting of the firing of seven White residence travel office employee in “Travelgate,” as well as for his function as the Clintons’ an individual lawyer handling Whitewater, a actual estate transaction in i m sorry the Clintons’ co-developer Jim McDougal committed fraud. Three months right into his appointment, Foster told his mam that he should have actually stayed in tiny Rock—according come The new Yorker, the took fail and an unfavorable press very personally.


Still, in 2016, when he was campaigning versus Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump fanned the flames of the conspiracy, stating the the circumstances surrounding Foster’s fatality were “very fishy" and that "there are human being who continue to carry it up due to the fact that they think it to be absolutely a murder."

“Vince experienced from significant depression that led to him come be can not to sleep, unable to work, unable to think straight, and also finally to take it his own life,” Foster’s sister wrote in an answer to Trump’s conspiracy-mongering. “I go not see a self-destruction coming, yet once I to be told that Vince was dead i knew that he had actually killed himself. Never for a minute have actually I wondered about that to be what happened.”

As Impeachment: American Crime Story depicts, Foster's tragic death fueled Linda Tripp's disenchantment through the Clinton administration, i beg your pardon ballooned end the years, eventually leading as much as her 1998 decision come betray Lewinsky. “To Tripp, the White house had end up being a location where loyal human being were canned, where good people died and bad people picked at your bones," per the Washington Post. "What lugged her to the telephone top top a January night in 1998 was a series of events, many beyond her control, that started in 1990...Eliminate any kind of one and the ultimate occasion cannot occur."

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