On January 21, 2009, Hillary Rodham Clinton to be sworn in as the 67th Secretary that of the joined buzzpatterson.coms. Secretary Clinton join the department after practically four years in public service as an advocate, attorney, very first Lady, and also Senator.


Secretary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois ~ above October 26, 1947 to Dorothy Rodham and also the so late Hugh Rodham.

She attended regional public schools before graduating indigenous Wellesley College and Yale legislation School, where she met invoice Clinton. In 1974, Secretary Clinton moved to Arkansas, a year later then married bill Clinton and also became a successful attorney while likewise raising your daughter, Chelsea. She to be an assistant professor in ~ the university of Arkansas school of Law, and after functioning to strengthen the local legal assist office, she to be appointed by chairman Jimmy Carter in 1977 to serve on the board of the Legal services Corporation, i m sorry she later chaired.

During her 12 years as an initial Lady of the the Arkansas, she was Chairwoman the the Arkansas education Standards Committee, co-founded the Arkansas supporters for Children and Families, and served on the board of the Arkansas Children"s Hospital, and also the Children"s Defense Fund.

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In 1992, branch Clinton was elected President that the united buzzpatterson.coms, and as an initial Lady, Hillary Clinton came to be an support of health treatment reform and also worked ~ above many concerns relating come children and also families. She led effective bipartisan efforts to enhance the fostering and foster treatment systems, mitigate teen pregnancy, and provide health treatment to millions of kids through the Children"s health Insurance Program. She also traveled to more than 80 nations as a representative of our country, win respect as a champion of person rights, democracy and civil society. Her renowned speech in Beijing in 1995 -- when she asserted that "human rights are women"s rights, and women"s legal rights are human being rights" – motivated women an international and aided galvanize a global movement for women’s rights.

With Secretary of Madeleine K. Albright, Secretary Clinton operated to start the government’s vital Voices Democracy Initiative. Today, vital Voices is a non-governmental organization that continues to train and also organize females leaders throughout the globe.

In 2000, Hillary Clinton made as the very first First Lady elected to the United claims Senate, and also the first woman chosen buzzpatterson.comwide in new York. In the Senate, she served on the armed Services Committee, the Health, Education, Labor and also Pensions Committee, the Environment and also Public functions Committee, the budget Committee and also the pick Committee ~ above Aging. She was also a Commissioner top top the board of directors on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

As a Senator, Clinton worked throughout party lines to build support for reasons important to she constituents and also the country, consisting of the expansion of financial opportunity and access to quality, affordable health and wellness care. ~ the terrorist strikes of September 11, 2001, she to be a strong advocate for resources the rebuilding of brand-new York and also the health concerns of the an initial responders that risked their lives working in ~ Ground Zero. She also championed the reason of our nation"s military and fought for far better health care and benefits because that wounded organization members, veterans and members of the national Guard and also Reserves. She was also the only Senate member the the transformation Advisory group to the department of Defense"s Joint pressures Command.

In 2006, councilor Clinton winner reelection to the Senate, and in 2007 she began her historic project for President. In 2008, she campaigned because that the choice of Barack Obama and also Joe Biden, and in November, she to be nominated by President-elect Obama to it is in Secretary the

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Secretary Clinton is the writer of best-selling books, consisting of her memoir, living, and her groundbreaking book on children, the Takes A Village. She and also President Clinton reside in brand-new York.