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The 2016 presidential race may come under to a challenge where the the very least unpopular candidate wins, through Democrat Hillary Clinton simply three percentage points ahead of Republican Donald trumped in the recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Both candidates have extraordinarily high not say ratings, a truth mentioned by chuck Todd once he interviewed Clinton during the may 22 execution of Meet the Press. He wanted to know how she would acquire past her an unfavorable numbers.

Clinton said that as soon as she gets on a job, whether it"s first lady, U.S. Councilor or secretary of state, she gets points done.

"So I have actually a track record. And also I"m going to remind human being of that. Since it"s not simply rhetoric, because that me," she said. "When i was secretary of state, I had a very high approval rating, as you deserve to go ago and check. Due to the fact that I to be doing a task that people could see."

The recent NBC News poll shows that 54 percent the registered voters have actually a negative or somewhat an adverse opinion that Clinton. Trump scores a little bit worse at 58 percent. Just 34 percent see Clinton positively. We wondered if her rating to be really really high once she served as secretary the state indigenous January 2009 through Feb. 1, 2013.

Clinton"s favorability rating has actually ebbed and flowed throughout her two and a fifty percent decades on the nationwide political scene. Gallup pegged it as low as 38 percent once her husband ran because that president in 1992, yet the polling firm has actually said that"s because she to be wasn"t fine known.

It peaked in ~ 62 percent throughout her an initial years as first lady, dropped come 43 percent in 1996 during the "Travelgate" investigation, and also spiked come its highest allude ever — 67 percent — in December 1998 once her husband to be impeached because that perjury in the wake of scandals involving Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones. By the time she left the White home in 2001, Clinton"s Gallup rating was under to 44 percent.

Her polling numbers started going up throughout her time in the Senate and hit an additional peak of 58 percent in 2007 while a senator and also just after announcing she would certainly run because that president, according to Gallup.

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After an additional dip, the shot approximately 65 percent in 2009 as soon as she became secretary of state and stayed high for many of she tenure.