Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, that for weeks decreased to endorse Donald Trump, referred to as for party marriage on the second night the the Republican nationwide Convention versus the "cold, calculated lying" that Hillary Clinton.

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Johnson is just one of the only fragile GOP senators to appear in Cleveland, and also he dedicated the majority of his quick speech come clobbering Clinton.

" what difference, in ~ this point, does it make?" ns am the man that got under she skin and provoked the infamous an answer from Hillary Clinton by asking a pretty an easy question, "Why didn"t you simply pick up the phone and call the survivors’ (of the Benghazi attack)?" Johnson said. "Instead of doing that, she flower a cover-up story and also repeatedly lied come the American people."

Is that just how their exchange unfolded?

We found that Johnson is that s right recounting the testimony, however being selective. Clinton’s price was longer and more nuanced.

During a January 2013 Senate international Relations Committee hearing, Johnson go repeatedly press Clinton about not making call with american in Benghazi to "ascertain automatically that there to be no protest." Clinton did give her exasperated prize (which has actually been hashtagged and criticized).

"Ron"s questioning from begin to finish was around how a an easy phone call could have led to the fact — a reality that clearly got under Secretary Clinton"s skin simply as that described," Brian Reisinger, Johnson’s spokesman, told us.

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But Johnson’s account calls for some more context, as Clinton answered the senator’s concern twice before her notorious comment.

Here is a transcript of their exchange, per buzzpatterson.com Wisconsin, with the parts Johnson highlighted in bold:

Johnson: "Okay, as soon as you read the ARB (State room Accountability review Board), it strikes me together how particular the people were that the attacks started in ~ 9:40 Benghazi time. Once was the an initial time you spoke to — or have you ever talked to — the returnees, the evacuees? Did girlfriend personally speak to those folks?"

Clinton: "I‘ve talked to among them, but I waited till after the ARB had actually done that investigation since I go not desire there to be anybody raising any kind of issue that i had talked to anyone before the ARB performed its investigation."

Johnson: "How many human being were evacuated indigenous Libya?"

Clinton: "Well, the numbers space a little bit hard to pen down since of our other friends — "

Johnson: "Approximately?"

Clinton: "Approximately, 25 come 30."

Johnson: "Did anyone in the State Department talk to those folks really shortly afterwards?"

Clinton: "There was discussion going on afterwards, but once the examination started, the FBI speak to them prior to we spoke to them, and so various other than our world in Tripoli — which, i think you talking around Washington, right?"