Former Secretary the State Hillary Clinton composed in she book, "I congratulated Trump and offered to do anything I can to make sure the shift was smooth." | Patrick Semansky/AP

Clinton shares how it feeling calling Trump come concede

She states her contact with Trump was 'without a doubt one of the strangest moments of my life.'

Hillary Clinton is revealing brand-new details around the painful final hours of the 2016 presidential campaign, saying she “was numb” together she dubbed Donald Trump to concede the election.

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The former very first lady and secretary that state stated she take it a nap as the poll tallies to be coming in, and that the "mood in the hotel had actually darkened considerably” once she woke earlier up, according to a copy of her forthcoming publication “What Happened” that was viewed by CNN.

In those it is too dirty moments, her husband invoice Clinton was “chomping on an unlit cigar,” and that when it became clear the Trump was going to win, previous President Barack Obama propelled her come concede and to no drag the end the race.

She said her contact with Trump was "without a doubt one of the strangest moments of my life."

"I congratulated Trump and offered to execute anything I might to make sure the change was smooth," she writes, follow to CNN. "It was all perfectly nice and also weirdly ordinary, choose calling a neighbor to say girlfriend can"t do it to his barbecue. It to be mercifully quick ... Ns was numb. The was all so shocking."

Excerpts from Clinton’s book, because of be officially released next week, have actually been dripping out, and also reveal a two-time presidential candidate quiet coping with the surprise loss come the billionaire truth TV star. Playbook newsletter

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Clinton has actually made a grasp of public appearances since the election, and also has said that she takes duty for her defeat, while still dispersing blame extensively on previous FBI director James Comey, Russian chairman Vladimir Putin, and her rival because that the autonomous ticket, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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In the book, she also dings previous Vice president Joe Biden, saying he is thrown unfair criticism she way.

"Joe Biden claimed the democratic Party in 2016 "did not talk about what it constantly stood for — and also that was how to preserve a burgeoning center class,"" Clinton writes, according to CNN. "I uncover this relatively remarkable, because Joe himself campaigned for me almost everywhere the Midwest and talked plenty around the center class."

She additionally has spicy words because that Sanders and also his supporters, call the techniques of the “Bernie bros” sexist and also questioning even if it is Sanders did sufficient to protect against Trump native clinching the White House.

“He certainly shared my horror at the thought of Donald Trump becoming President, and I appreciate that that campaigned for me in the general election. However he isn’t a Democrat — that’s not a smear, that’s what that says,” Clinton writes. “He didn’t gain into the gyeongju to make sure a Democrat winner the White House, he acquired in to disrupt the autonomous Party.”