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Says Hillary Clinton "is the one that labeled African-American youth together ‘superpredators.’"


In an answer to Donald trump calling Hillary Clinton a "bigot" this week, GOP chairman Reince Priebus reminded world that Hillary Clinton once referred come African-American youth as "superpredators."

Priebus took a swing in ~ Hillary Clinton’s past, telling NBC’s Meet the Press hold Chuck Todd the her actions say a lot about her, including "she’s the one that labeled African-American youth together ‘superpredators’."

Trump, that is spring to rise his appeal amongst African-American voters, do the exact same "superpredator" case days previously on Twitter.

It didn’t take long to discover what Trump and also Priebus to be referencing, but for this fact-check, we wanted to take a near look in ~ the complete context that Clinton’s remark.

‘Superpredators’ in context

The "superpredators" line originates from a 1996 decided in brand-new Hampshire, where Clinton speak in support of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and also Law Enforcement Act, which she husband, bill Clinton, had actually signed in come law.

"We’re making some progress," Clinton said. "Much of it is pertained to the initiative dubbed ‘community policing.’ because we have lastly gotten an ext police policemans on the street. The was one of the objectives that the president had actually when he moved the crime bill the was passed in 1994."

Provisions of the act consisted of a half on some assault weapons, an ext funding for ar policing and an development of the death penalty. The legislation, which to be championed by bill Clinton as a way to alleviate the number of African-Americans being killed in drug-related incidents, has attracted criticism in current years for sending disproportionate number of African-Americans to prison.

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The "superpredator" remark, i m sorry Priebus and Trump referenced, was in the exact same speech a few lines later.