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Hillary Clinton has committed an entire chapter to she comment about coal neighborhoods in her new book What Happened. Picture by attracted Angerer/Getty pictures
back in march 2016, in ~ a democratic town room in Ohio, Hillary Clinton make what was more than likely the best-known “gaffe” of she campaign. As component of an answer on energy policy, she said, “We"re going to put a many coal miners and coal providers out of business.” This was automatically taken as a sign of her hostility to the functioning class and also a confirmation of Democrats’ “war ~ above coal.”

She now calls it the comment she regrets most, devoting an entire chapter to it in her brand-new book What Happened. “The point I had wanted come make,” she writes, “was the precise opposite of how it came out.” She “felt absolutely sick around the entirety thing.” (Ken Ward Jr. Has some an excellent excerpts native the chapter on his blog.)


What Hillary Clinton really thinks

It was just one illustration in a long and bizarre campaign, however it’s worth dwelling top top it for a moment, due to the fact that it contains, in miniature, the entirety of the Kafkaesque information atmosphere Clinton faced. The release of her publication has provided her movie critics yet one more opportunity come scold and deride her, but if girlfriend climb within this coal gaffe for a while, and really interrogate that a bit, you start to check out just exactly how impossible a case she to be in.

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There are several concerns one can ask about the incident. Go she typical what her movie critics said she meant? If she didn’t, need to she have actually avoided speak it? go she bungle the solution to the media coverage?

Let’s walk through them one in ~ a time.

What walk Clinton mean?

Clinton to be asked what she would carry out to support working-class voter who commonly vote Republican. Here, for the record, is her complete answer:

Instead that dividing civilization the method Donald trump card does, let’s reunite roughly politics the will carry jobs and also opportunities to all these under-served negative communities. So, because that example, ns the only candidate who has a policy around how to carry economic chance using clean renewable power as the vital into coal country. Because we’re going to put a the majority of coal miners and coal suppliers out that business, right, Tim?

And we’re going to make it clean that us don’t desire to forget those people. Those human being labored in those mines because that generations, shedding their health, regularly losing their resides to rotate on our lights and power our factories. Now we’ve gained to relocate away from coal and all the various other fossil fuels, however I don’t desire to relocate away from the world who walk the ideal they might to create energy that we relied on.

If all you knew around Hillary Clinton was these 2 paragraphs, there can be some legitimate doubt around what she supposed in the offending sentence.

But Clinton already had a record on power policy and coal communities. Placing together a thorough proposal for a $30 billion aid package to ailing coal areas was one of the very very first moves her campaign made ~ above policy.

Hillary Clinton touts $30 exchange rate coal setup in Ashland

— Bluegrass national politics (

This is what she says around the answer in she book:

If friend listened to the complete answer and not simply that one garbled sentence pulled the end of it, my meaning comes through sensibly well. Charcoal employment had been going under in Appalachia because that decades, stemming from changes in mining technology, competition native lower-sulfur Wyoming coal, and cheaper and cleaner natural gas and also renewable energy, and a autumn in the an international demand because that coal.

I was vigorously concerned about the affect on families and communities that had depended on coal work for generations. That’s why i proposed a considerable $30 billion setup to aid revitalize and also diversify the region’s economy. However most human being never heard that. They heard a snippet that gave the impression that i was looking forward to hurting miners and their families.

The account Clinton offers here of the decrease of Appalachian charcoal is 100 percent accurate. The forces killing those coal work are market-based. President Obama’s regulations, the persons Clinton would have actually maintained, had very small to execute with it.

What Clinton was obviously fumbling roughly trying come say is that numerous coal miners and coal service providers are going come be put out of business by these industry forces. By “we,” she simply meant America — “we” room transitioning come cheaper, cleaner energy, and also in the process, “we” room going to get rid of some dirty-energy jobs and companies.

Coal areas are going to continue hurting, whether or no the ecological Protection agency regulates anything. That’s why Clinton want to assist them.

Interpreted with also an iota the charity, in light of her record and also commitments, also in irradiate of the comments automatically preceding and following, Clinton was clearly trying come express problem for charcoal communities. To believe otherwise, you’d have to think not just that she delights in putting Americans the end of work however that she would boast about it publicly, like Dr. Evil, come the an extremely people shedding jobs. It’s ridiculous.

When her political adversaries plucked that expression out that context and also spun that as enemy to coal communities, they were distorting her meaning. They to be lying.

We really have to establish this point before moving on. That matters.

There is no reasonable dispute on Clinton’s intent. She disposition toward coal communities was clear to any type of fair-minded observer at the time; it to be the template of her answer; it was the emphasis of a major policy proposal.

Whatever you can think about this incident, or what the says about Clinton, what it doesn’t perform is expose that she secretly hated coal areas all along. That does not reveal anything new or substantive around her views or intentions. Insofar together this was a story, it to be a story about appearances, not realities.


Clinton at the American Library combination conference in Chicago in June. Photo by Scott Olson/Getty photos So, on to the next question.

Should Clinton have actually just not said that dumb thing?

If you review Clinton’s answer come the city hall question in full, it’s all pretty garbled and also inarticulate. She was plainly not at the height of her game at that event. "You say countless words in a campaign and also you perform your best to be clear and also accurate,” she writes. “Sometimes it simply comes out wrong.”

Of course, also at she best, Clinton was never ever adept in ~ the city of campaigning. You could never imagine Obama fumbling words like this. Even in his alleged gaffes — favor “they gain bitter, castle cling to firearms or religion” — he said exactly what he meant. Even speaking spontaneously, he delivered complete sentences and paragraphs, v uncommon command over his tone.

Clinton lacks the kind of linguistic dexterity she husband and Obama have, and their capability to affix to any crowd. She comprised for it by studying, by discovering more, forging depth relationships, having much more detailed policies. However it was unavoidable that throughout a long campaign, she would mix a few G.W. Bush-style indigenous salads.

But garbled sentences, in and of themselves, room not significant. As discussed, Clinton’s really intentions towards coal communities are clear. What does it matter, in the grand system of things, that she misspoke about it? go it disclose anything about her character or her plans that is germane to what kind of chairman she’d be? “Occasionally misspeaks” has actually not typically been a barrier to higher office in the US, or else there’d be very few politicians.

There is one and also only one reason to pluck out that sentence and also make a story that it: to try to pains Clinton politically by lying about her meaning and intentions.

I assumption: v I’m just stating the evident here, yet this suggest is additionally worth belaboring: It to be a political hit job. It wasn’t a revelation of pertinent information; it to be a distortion, a lie.

From the media’s perspective, “Clinton garbled a sentence” is true yet not specifically newsworthy. “Clinton boasted around putting coal miners the end of work” is false however definitely newsworthy (and damaging to Clinton) if it were true. In various other words, yes no honest reason to make this “gaffe” a story in ~ all.

“But Dave,” you saying. “This gained covered everywhere, including the MSM. Are you saying they were all lying in stimulate to damage Clinton?”

No. It is not just how the video game works. The game works prefer this:

Right-wing operatives and media numbers watch Clinton intensely. Noþeles she claims or does that can be plausibly (or implausibly) be crazy to appear maleficent, they spin. A huge echo room of blogs, “news” sites, radio stations, cable news shows, and also Facebook groups takes each among these mini faux scandals and also amplifies the signal.

If one of the faux scandals catches on enough and also dominates right-wing media lengthy enough, then a type of alchemy occurs. The question encountering mainstream outlets is not, “Why no you writing around what Clinton said?” That question is simple to answer: it’s a nothingburger. The question becomes, “Why no you writing around the scandal end what Clinton said?”

Reputable tendency journalists don’t have to pretend the Clinton supposed the ridiculous thing right-wing media says she meant. They deserve to just report the “some interpreted Clinton to mean ,” and hey, that’s technically true. The fact that a bunch of right-wing political and media hacking feigned outrage becomes the story.

“Oh, you to speak they’re outraged again?” (Samuel Corum/Anadolu company via Getty) The charcoal gaffe complied with that well-established trajectory. The 2nd Clinton stated the words, right-wing media yanked them out of context and also spun them as cartoonishly evil. Then it’s, hey, CNN, why aren’t you spanning the scandal end Clinton’s coal comments?

The groove is therefore well-worn that the entirety cycle has actually compressed to hours now. Authors for purportedly nonpartisan outlets, desperate because that clicks, eagerly hoover up the faux scandals, their journalistic guilty washed far by the change of thing to Scandal-About-the-Thing. The former does not need to have any type of significance, or also to be real, because that the latter to flourish.

This has always been especially true in the media’s treatment of the Clintons — the so-called Clinton rules. Any lie or outlandish concept that it s okay barfed up out of the heat swamps it s okay credulous coverage in the brand-new York Times. Hell, in advance of the 2016 race, the Times and the Washington short article both struck exclusive deals for a stable supply the this garbage, indigenous Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, a collection of dark conspiracy theories around the Clinton Foundation.

Remember once a male emailed Huma Abedin at the Clinton structure asking for diplomatic passports come fly with Bill Clinton to help rescue journalists being organized hostage in north Korea? and also then didn’t get them? the “raised questions.”

As Matt Yglesias wrote, the prime directive that Clinton coverage in the mainstream media has constantly been: We understand they’re guilty; currently we just need to display it.

If you placed these two with each other — an vigorously hostile and also dishonest conservative movement combing every word and also act because that anything that can be distorted, add to a mainstream push endlessly credulous toward each brand-new faux scandal — and also then add, in 2015, an intensely hostile and also only moderately an ext informed Bernie Sanders coalition feeding in their very own faux scandals indigenous the left, you have, to put it mildly, a incl information setting for Clinton.

So sure, it provides sense, in isolation, to say the she shouldn’t have actually bungled the sentence about coal workers. She shouldn’t have used that email server she husband had actually in the basement. She do not do it have given speeches to banks. Every one of that is true enough.

But note that as soon as mainstream doubters talk about these things, it’s never the points themselves that are the problem. It’s constantly the optics: “how the sounded” or “how it looked.” If girlfriend unpack that a tiny — “she should have actually known how it would look” — this is what the means: She should have known the anything she go or says that can be spun to look poor will be be crazy to watch bad, and the MSM will pass along the turn uncritically, so she shouldn’t have done or stated anything that have the right to be be crazy to watch bad.

I just don’t think it is a standard numerous human politicians could meet. Analysis of Clinton’s political performance is full of airy counterfactuals in which she claimed a various thing, or emphasized something else, or campaigned in this state quite than that one ... And thus avoided this or that faux scandal, or avoided being battered in the media.

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But no critic has defined how she might have flourished over the course of a whole campaign in the confront of a vast maker built come cycle and recycle an unfavorable stories around her. Nobody has described how she might have talked and acted in together a way as to never ever be misinterpreted, never ever be subject to negative spin, never give her adversaries ammunition.

She bungled a sentence. It to be deliberately misinterpreted, spun, and disseminated. Various other than by never bungling sentences, how could she have actually stopped the process?