'This November, I'm voting for a woman that is my duty model together a mother and as an advocate. A mrs who has actually spent her whole life working for children and families.'



I'm right here as a proud American a proud Democrat a proud mother and tonight in particular, a very, very proud daughter.

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Mark and I practically can't quite think it, however our daughter Charlotte is practically two year old. She loves Elmo she loves blueberries and above all, she loves Facetiming v Grandma. Mine mom have the right to be about to walk on phase for a debate or a speech. The doesn't matter. She'll drop every little thing for a couple of minutes of blow kisses and reading "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo" through her granddaughter.

Our boy Aidan is five-and-a-half weeks old. Thankfully, he's healthy and also thriving – and well, we're biased, but we think he's just about the cutest baby in the human being – a view I'm pretty sure my mother shares.

And every day that I spend as Charlotte and Aidan's mother, ns think about my own mom – my wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious mother.

My earliest memory is my mother picking me increase after I'd fallen down, giving me a large hug, and also reading me Goodnight Moon.

From that moment to this one, every single memory I have of my mommy is that regardless of what else may be happening in she life – she's always, always there for me.

Every soccer and also softball game. Every piano recital and also dance recital. Sundays in ~ our church and local library. Plenty of Saturdays invested finding forms in the clouds. Consisting of stories around what we'd do if we ever met a triceratops – in mine opinion, the friendliest-looking dinosaur, despite my mother would always remind me that, familiar or not, it's quiet a dinosaur. Together a boy I pretty to be obsessed v dinosaurs. The day my parents took me to Dinosaur nationwide Park, ns didn't think life might get any better.

Whenever my mom was away for work – which very sewing didn't happen an extremely often – she left notes for me to open every work she to be gone – all stacked neatly in a special drawer, each v a day on the front for this reason I'd know which one to open up on which day. As soon as she visited France to learn around their childcare system, one to be all about the Eiffel Tower. An additional was around the concepts she hope to lug home to help the youngsters of Arkansas. Ns treasured each and every among those notes. Lock were an additional reminder that ns was constantly in her thoughts and also in her heart.

Growing up, conversations roughly our dinner table would start with what ns learned in institution that day. I remember one week talking incessantly about a book that had caught my imagination, "A wrinkle in Time." just after my parents had listened to me they would certainly then talk around what castle were functioning on – education, health treatment – what was consuming your days and also keeping them up in ~ night. Ns loved the my parents meant me to have opinions and be maybe to back them up through facts. I never ever once doubted that my parents cared around my thoughts and also ideas. And also I always, constantly knew how deeply they love me.

That feeling of gift valued and also loved – that's what my mother wants because that every child. It is the phone call of she life.

My parents increased me to know just how lucky i was – to never have to worry around food top top the table, great schools to walk to, a safe neighborhood to pat in. And they teach me come care around what wake up in our world – and to do whatever I could to change what irritable me and also felt wrong. They taught me that's the obligation that comes v being smiled on through fate. I know my kids are a tiny young – yet I'm currently trying come instill those exact same values in them.

I've seen her stop the hand of mothers who are worried about how to feed their youngsters or gain them the health care they require – my mom promising come do everything she can to help.

I've watched her best after those conversations, acquiring straight to work – figuring the end what she could do, that she can call, how rapid she can get results. She always feels like there isn't a minute to lose – since she knows the for that mother, for that family, there isn't.

And I've watched her in ~ the short points – prefer the summer that 1994. Several human being this week have actually talked around her fight because that universal health and wellness care. I saw it increase close. It to be bruising and exhausting. She battled her love out and she lost. For me, climate 14 year old, it to be pretty difficult to watch. Yet my mommy – she was amazing. She took a tiny time to replenish her spirits. Family members movie nights definitely helped – Dad, as every one of you now know, chosen Police Academy mine mom and I love Pride and Prejudice. And then, she gained right ago to job-related – due to the fact that she believed she can still do a distinction for kids.

People questioning me every the time just how does she do it. Just how she keeps going amid the sound and also fury the politics.

She's functioned to make it easier for foster children to be adopted. Because that our 9/11 an initial responders to acquire the health treatment they deserve. For women around the human being to be safe, to it is in treated v dignity, and to have an ext opportunities.

Fights choose these, they're what store her going. Castle grab she heart and also her conscience and also they never ever let go.

That's who my mother is. She's a listener and also a doer, she's a woman thrust by compassion, by faith, by a fierce sense of justice and a heart full of love.

So this November, I'm voting because that a woman who is my role model as a mother and also as one advocate. A woman who has spent her whole life functioning for children and families.

I'm voting because that the steady who will defend our earth from climate adjust and our neighborhoods from gun violence. Who will reform our criminal justice system, and who knows that women's civil liberties are human rights, and who knows the LGBT rights are human rights – here at home and around the world.

I'm voting for a fighter who never, ever before gives up and who believes we can always do better when we come together and work together.

I expect that at some point my youngsters will be as proud the me together I to be of mine mom. I'm so grateful to be she daughter. I'm so thankful that she's Charlotte and also Aidan's grandmother. She renders me proud every solitary day.

To anyone watching here and also at home, I recognize with all my heart that my mother will make united state proud as our next president.

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