Another obvious discrepancy has developed in what Hillary Clinton has actually said about her emails.

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When The Des Moines it is registered asked her about the recent twist in the personal server saga on Tuesday, she claimed she had actually no new answers.

Just prior to Clinton sat down for a 105-minute meeting with the Register"s editorial board, the Washington write-up posted a news story that claimed the State Department"s inquiry for her emails to be "prompted completely by the exploration that Clinton had specifically used a personal e-mail system."

That contradicts what Clinton has actually been saying, i m sorry is that company officials asked she for she emails as component of a benign, general record-keeping effort to move up "everything from various other secretaries that state, not just me," together she claimed Sunday.

After the editorial board meeting, a register reporter inquiry Clinton if she could explain the discrepancy in between her characterization of why she turned end the emails and the State Department"s.

"I don"t recognize that. Ns can"t answer that," Clinton answered. "All I understand is that they sent out the same letter to everybody. That"s mine understanding."


The register told Clinton the the write-up was reporting that State room officials contacted her in the summer of 2014 — a sign that officials had actually been captured off security upon learning she had used a personal server to conduct federal government business. That was at least three months before the firm asked Clinton and three of her predecessors to administer their e-mails, the write-up reported.

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Hillary Clinton: In her very own words, ~ above emails, the race

"You"re informing me something ns don"t know," Clinton said. "All I know is what I have said. What I have actually said is it was allowed. The State department has evidenced that. The exact same letter went to, as far as i know, mine predecessors, and also I"m the one who said, "Hey, I"ll be glad come help."

"But we"ll give you extr information as we get it."


Clinton project aides said later that what she has said all follow me is constant with what transpired — and consistent through the details explained in the article story.

"As we have actually said, Secretary Clinton responded to a inquiry of her and also other front secretaries of state to assist with the department"s document keeping," campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said. "Due to her exercise of emailing her colleagues on your email addresses, 90 percent of her job-related correspondence occurred on the department"s email system, and also she detailed her copies as well, about 55,000 pages total. Every little thing she has actually said in comment questions has been regular with this."

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