former Defense Intelligence company Chief Lt. General Michael Flynn says former Secretary Clinton’s usage of a private email server possibly exposed “Special access Program” info to the Chinese and also the Russians. " data-duration="05:36" data-source="" data-show-name="The Lead" data-show-url="" class="video-playlist__item" >

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us take a look ago at the presidential campaigns we’ve lost due to the fact that the start of the 2016 election season.

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*’s Tom Foreman watch at examples of the October surprise in past presidential elections.

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A time-lapse the the sights and sounds indigenous Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn rally hosted on the final significant night the the presidential primaries.

" data-duration="01:21" data-source="" data-show-name="" data-show-url="" class="video-playlist__item" >’s chris Frates looks in ~ the relationship in between Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton.

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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 23: Anthony Weiner, a top candidate for new York City mayor, stands v his wife Huma Abedin throughout a push conference on July 23, 2013 in new York City. Weiner addressed news of brand-new allegations that he engaged in lewd digital conversations v a woman after he resigned from congress for similar previous incidents. (Photo by man Moore/Getty Images)
together Election work approaches, countless voters in the an essential state of north Carolina stay undecided.’s Jessica Schneider reports.

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Vice chairman Joe Biden defines why he chose not to operation for the democratic nomination in an interview with’s Michael Smerconish.

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democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has actually been explaining the email scandal neighboring her time as secretary the state for nearly two years.

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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson lost his cool when a reporter questioned his taxes policy.

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Vice president Joe Biden’s name has been mentioned, among others, as a potential an option for Secretary that State in a would-be Hillary Clinton administration, follow to sources linked to the campaign and also the shift team.

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Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US Vice president Joe Biden identify the group at Riverfront sporting activities athletic basic on respectable 15, 2016 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
chairman Barack Obama"s previous top military knowledge official claimed Hillary Clinton have to pull out of the presidential race

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon claimed the general"s ide was "just silly"

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chairman Barack Obama’s previous top military intelligence official stated Hillary Clinton have to pull out of the presidential gyeongju while the FBI inspection her usage of a private email server for main government interaction while secretary that state.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the retirement chief the the Defense intelligence Agency, made the call in one interview v Jake Tapper on “The Lead.”

“If it were me, i would have been out the door and probably in jail,” stated Flynn, who decried what he claimed was a “lack that accountability, frankly, in a person who should have been much more responsible in her actions as the secretary that state the the United states of America.”

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon later on told Tapper the general’s tip was “just silly” and also pointed to comparable FBI probes of previous Secretary the State Colin Powell and also of aides to previous Secretary the State Condoleezza Rice.

“In both of those two cases, you now have the same company looking at their emails, an individual emails, and saying the there is details that in retrospect lock think have to be treated together classified,” Fallon said. “The exact same instance playing out in the 2 previous secretaries before Secretary Clinton. So ns think the tells friend everything around the loved one seriousness the this.”

when pressed by, Flynn said, “I don’t have any personal evidence” the Clinton or one of her staffers took product off a divide server and put that on one unclassified server.

Clinton emails: walk she do anything wrong or not?

because leaving office, Flynn has been fiercely an essential of the Obama administration’s approach to the middle East and also has called Tapper the the President’s torture are more concerned with appearances than tough realities. Flynn said he has made himself accessible for advice to any kind of presidential campaign that has actually asked, Democrat or Republican, and five projects have taken advantage of the offer, consisting of Donald Trump’s.

The FBI confirmed in a February 2 letter come U.S. District Court judge Emmet Sullivan that it is officially investigating Clinton’s use of a exclusive server in ~ her house in Chappaqua, brand-new York, to conduct organization while she was secretary the state.

Two government agencies have flagged emails top top Clinton’s server together containing classified information, follow to a January 14 letter that Intelligence community Inspector general I. Charles McCullough III sent lawmakers. Part emails to be on “special accessibility programs,” a subset the the highest “Top Secret” level of category that drops under also tougher control rules than other Top mystery information.

The democratic presidential candidate has actually repeatedly pointed come State department findings that at the time the emails were sent, the information wasn’t classified. The State Department has actually said that part emails to be classified retroactively.

State Department will certainly not relax 22 ‘top secret’ Clinton emails

The Clinton project has also pointed to a dispute in between the State Department and also the intelligence community over which kinds of papers should it is in classified. And also it has actually charged the the investigation is politically motivated.

Fallon has actually said Clinton’s project believes McCullough is working with Republican lawmakers come make sure the details becomes public come embarrass their candidate. Republicans asked the inspector general to inspection in March.

“This over-classification excuse is no an excuse,” Flynn said Friday. “If it’s classified, the classified.”

Flynn, who headed the Defense Intelligence company from July 2012 to respectable 2014, called Tapper that Clinton “knew better” given the roles that she has had as a senator, a secretary the state, “even earlier when she was married come the chairman of the joined States, she was going to have privileged details in that regard.”