Hillary Clinton speaks to the Alabama democratic Conference in Hoover, Ala. (Photo: Screenshot)

HOOVER, Ala. — speaking at the Alabama autonomous Conference convention over the weekend, autonomous presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton yielded a familiar stump speech through a somewhat less familiar accent.

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The Illinois native, who was schooled in Massachusetts and also Connecticut prior to marrying one Arkansan and spending much of she adult life in Washington and brand-new York, all of sudden sounded favor a Southerner if addressing the assembled group in Hoover.

“There is a pattern of Republicans getting us into economic messes and also Democratic presidents having to come in and clean lock up,” Clinton said with a folksy drawl that appeared to come and also go throughout she remarks. “You know, when my husband became president, many thanks to a lot of you in this room, i remember after the election in ’92 him speak to me, ‘It’s so much worse than they called us.’ …And then we got another Republican president, and also boy, did he leaving a mess… president Obama doesn’t acquire the credit he deserves for conserving the American economic situation from falling into a good depression.”

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The Washington Examiner listed this is no the an initial time Clinton has actually tried to channel she inner Southerner if addressing voters in the Yellowhammer State. While running for chairman in 2007, Clinton recited a singing by Rev. James Cleveland with a thick interval while speaking at a church in Selma, saying, “I don’t feel no methods tired,” together the crowd cheered her on.

“Hillary Clinton has started faking a southerly drawl come speak come Southerners, just as she did throughout her last presidential run eight years ago,” created the Examiner’s Curt Mills, who also detailed an explanation because that why Clinton is making a special effort to success over Southerners.

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“With Bernie Sanders narrowing her lead or overtaking her in early on caucus and primary claims of Iowa and new Hampshire, Clinton is hoping for a ‘Southern firewall,"” Mills explained. “She desires to victory in south Carolina and then in the countless Southern says holding primaries top top ‘Super Tuesday,’ wherein Sanders is polling lot worse. That could mean a lot an ext of these form of videos, catching her speak in a voice she did not learn during her childhood in Illinois and schooling in brand-new England.”

(Video below: Hillary Clinton speaks in a thick southern drawl if addressing a group in Selma, Alabama)

HillaryClinton fakes southern accent during campaign stop in Alabama (Video) http://t.co/eec2bvH8yO