Social media articles are when again do false and baseless claims around high-profile democrats being involved in kid trafficking and also sex crimes.

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A famous conspiracy concept spread across social media baselessly claims former Vice president Joe Biden “had SEAL Team 6 killed” as part of a cover-up after ~ a purportedly failure assassination the Osama bin Laden. Chairman Donald Trump mutual the unfounded theory on Twitter.


President Donald Trump and also his supporters on society media room citing not confirmed “Russian intelligence” indigenous 2016 as proof that Hillary Clinton “was behind the entire Russian collusion hoax.”


An picture of a bogus tweet supposedly native the late Associate justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about Hillary Clinton began circulating after Ginsburg’s death. Ginsburg go not have actually a an individual Twitter account, and did not author the tweet claiming expertise of “information the will bring about the arrest of Hillary Clinton.”

* Deputy managing Editor Robert Farley spoke v WBAL-TV in Baltimore and seven other Hearst TV stations approximately the country around fact-checking the democratic convention.


This video clip reviews some of the declaration that us fact-checked throughout the democratic National Convention, which finished Aug. 20 with previous Vice president Joe Biden agree his party’s nomination for president.

There to be news: Sen. Kamala Harris welcomed the democratic vice presidential nomination. However there was tiny to fact-check.

A image circulating ~ above Facebook cases without proof that Hillary Clinton has actually made $95.5 million because she ran because that president in 2016, and falsely means that she and former president Barack Obama enriched themselves by “steal your money.”

An out-of-context clip native a 2008 interview through then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is turn on Facebook. It reflects her saying the U.S. “will strike Iran” if she becomes president. But she was responding come a question around a theoretical nuclear strike by Iran ~ above Israel.

There is no proof to support insurance claims that Hillary Clinton sent fellow Democrat Donna Brazile a profane email in 2016, calling Donald trump a “bastard” and also saying “we’re all going to cave from nooses” if the wins the election.

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Q: how do civilization who have not been vaccinated versus COVID-19 posture a threat to people who have been vaccinated?

A: an unvaccinated person who is infected through COVID-19 poses a much better risk come others who are likewise unvaccinated. However vaccines room not 100% effective, so there is a opportunity that one unvaccinated person might infect a vaccinated human — specifically the vulnerable, such as elderly and also immunocompromised individuals.

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