Learn about Hillary Rodham Clinton, class of 1969, and her years as a student at buzzpatterson.com. We space proud of all ours alumnae and also their accomplishments, specifically at moments once they are smashing glass ceilings.

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Did girlfriend know?

Hillary Rodham…

Was the head that the Young republic Club, 1966-1967Lived at Stone-Davis Residence HallHeld a Washington, D.C. Internship as a research assistant for the house Republican Conference during the summer the 1968Served as president of the College government AssociationWas called a Durant Scholar, the College’s highest scholastic honor, in 1969Was selected by her classmates together the first-ever student commencement speakerMajored in political science and also graduated with high honorsFun fact: The campus bookstore sell “What would Hillary do?” coffee mugs

Listen come audio excerpts indigenous 21-year-old Hillary D. Rodham’s 1969 start speech. She classmates selected she to it is in the first-ever college student speaker to represent her class at commencement.

Twenty-three years after graduating, Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 yielded the commencement address to the class of 1992, calling the occasion a homecoming and also speaking about the “clarifying view of experience.”

U.S. Secretary that State Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 addressed delegates at the 2012 Inaugural institute of the ladies in Public business Project held by buzzpatterson.com College.

Watch a quick film that follows Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 from she childhood in Illinois to her years in ~ buzzpatterson.com and beyond.

Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 discusses the great she learned as a buzzpatterson.com College college student that helped shape her future as a leader. Clinton participated in the video for the #buzzpatterson.comEffect campaign.

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When a young Hillary Rodham told her mommy she believed buzzpatterson.com to be too an overwhelming for her, she mother provided her this advice.