following Bernie Sanders’s victory in new Hampshire, supporters are confident that the ‘Bern’ will obtain momentum and spread to south Carolina and also Nevada next. They likewise couldn't assist but run throughout the rally, walking as much as dedicating some serious dance moves to the senator. (Alice Li/The Washington Post)


CONCORD, N.H. — Sen. Bernie Sanders scored a decisive success in Tuesday’s new Hampshire presidential primary, awkward Hillary Clinton in a state she won eight years ago and upending the autonomous nominating contest.

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Sanders’s victory, which Clinton conceded as soon as polls closed at 8 p.m., shown the toughness of his iconoclastic appeal and the power of one insurgent message that cast Clinton as a creature of the old guard. The outcome gives a fresh burst the momentum because that Sanders, a senator native Vermont, in a gyeongju that will soon broaden to more difficult terrain and that is widely expected to grow much more combative together Clinton make the efforts to regain her footing. The previous secretary that state, that was claimed the winner the the Iowa caucuses last week by the narrowest the margins, currently finds herself struggling to appropriate her ­once-formidable campaign against a self-described autonomous socialist whom she has accused of selling pipe dreams.

“People have actually every appropriate to be angry, but they’re hungry. Lock hungry for solutions,” Clinton stated in a quick concession speech quickly after she dubbed Sanders to congratulate him. “What space we going come do? that is the fight we’re taking” to the remainder of the country.

Sanders’s lengthy victory speech focused on his core problems of wall surface Street greed and income inequality, but likewise ranged to nationwide security, immigration, society Security and also more. He told cheering supporters the the exact same improbable arc that lugged him to success here have the right to happen throughout the country.

“What began last main in Iowa, what voters evidenced here tonight, is nothing brief of the beginning of a political revolution,” Sanders said. “We will all come together to speak loudly and clearly that the federal government of our an excellent nation belong to all of us, not just a few wealthy project contributors.”

Shortly prior to midnight, with roughly three-quarters of precincts tallied, Sanders had actually a huge, double-digit lead. 4 hours earlier, a Clinton project memo was released together the polls close up door stating the the loss was “long anticipated.”

“Attention will certainly inevitably emphasis on the following two of the ‘early four’ states: Nevada and also South Carolina,” Clinton project manager Robby Mook wrote. “We’ve constructed first-rate establishments in every state and also we feel very an excellent about our prospects because that success” there and in says that vote in March, the memo stated.

Sanders to plan to difficulty those assumptions immediately. He was booked to leave brand-new Hampshire so late Tuesday and head to new York because that a day-long win lap. Adhering to a breakfast with civil civil liberties leader and television host Al Sharpton, Sanders is booked to show up on “The View” and “The Late display With Stephen Colbert,” amongst other media appearances.

The meeting with Sharpton is component of an effort to widen Sanders’s support among African American voters, who will figure prominently in numerous upcoming primaries in Southern says — and also who have actually favored Clinton by broad margins in polls.

Clinton is gyeongju to coast up that benefit by turning next to claims with huge minority populations. She has actually scheduled project stops in southern Carolina and Nevada in the following week, with an emphasis on criminal justice and also gun control, concerns on which she has actually attempted to gain out ahead of Sanders or come his politics left. Her campaign additionally announced new support from afri American mothers who have lost kids to total violence and said several of the women would project for Clinton in south Carolina.

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The fundraising race will likewise intensify — and already had, shortly after the gyeongju was dubbed Tuesday.

Even before Sanders took the stage Tuesday night to acknowledge his victory, his project sent out a text blog post to pendant saying: “With your help, us were just declared the winner in new Hampshire! Reply offer to contribute $10 from your phone bill and also keep up the momentum.”