Republican Donald trump asserted the Democrat Hillary Clinton and also her campaign team an initial raised questions around Barack Obama's birthplace in 2008 - and that he to be the male who resolved the concern in 2011.

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As a preface to this latest rotate in the Obama "birther" row, it must be provided that the ar of grandfather Obama's birth is generally considered irrelevant to whether mr Obama is eligible to serve as us president. As lengthy as he has actually one parent that was a us citizen, together Mr Obama's Kansas-born mother was, that is taken into consideration by the US government to it is in a "natural born citizen". The - in addition to being at the very least 35 year of age and also resident in the us for 14 year - is the only vital constitutional necessity for the presidency.

Now, according to fact-checkers and modern-day media reports, questions about Mr Obama's birthplace started circulating among disgruntled Clinton pendant in the last months of she ill-fated campaign versus the then-Senator Obama in 2008.

It was desperate time in the Clinton camp, and the candidate go not constantly acquit herself well, together as as soon as she stated that grandfather Obama was no a Muslim "as much as ns know". Yet there is no evidence of ties between her and also her campaign staff and the Obama birthplace allegations.

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Prior come Hillary Clinton's endorsement of Barack Obama in June 2008, some of her supporters circulated rumours around his birthplace

In June 2008 the Obama campaign released a star chep of his short-form "certificate the live birth" reflecting that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, ~ above 4 August, 1961. (Reporters likewise unearthed a contemporaneous bear announcement published in a Hawaiian newspaper.)

This to be not enough for part conspiracy-minded Obama critics, however, who doubted the authenticity that the record and inquiry the "long-form" certificate from the Democrat's bear hospital.

During the basic election project the rumours infect the edge of the appropriate - confirmed most significantly when a mrs at a john McCain rally said the Republican candidate the Mr Obama was an "Arab".

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"Senator Obama is a kind person and a human you don't need to be fear of as president of the unified States," the said.

From there, the conspiracy theories ongoing to simmer on the right in the early days of mr Obama's an initial term in office. Orly Taitz, a conservative activist, filed lawsuits complicated the president's eligibility to offer - yet all were easily dismissed from us courts.

In march 2011, he an initial began mentioning that he had "real doubts" about whether grandfather Obama had a us birth certificate.

In the days the followed, he said he was sending a team of exclusive investigators come Hawaii to find out the truth and promised come donate $5m to charity if anyone might convince him grandfather Obama to be born on united state soil.

President Obama mixed comedy through some early marketing at the White residence Correspondent's annual dinner

In a push release ~ above Thursday night and also on stage in Washington, DC, top top Friday morning, this is the minute Mr trump pointed to together the "great service" that performed in laying to remainder questions about Mr Obama's birthplace.

In 2012 he tweeted that he had an "extremely credible source" that told the the birth certificate was a fraud.

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In 2013 he increased suspicion around the death of a Hawaiian wellness official that verified duplicates of grandfather Obama's "birth certificate".

"I don't talk around it due to the fact that if i talk about that, your entirety thing will be about that," trump said. "So i don't talk around it."

Mr Trump did talk around it top top Friday - and he's right, it's all anyone is walk to compose about.