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Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite for play the sex card, claims Sharon Day, co-chair of the Republican national Committee from southern Florida.

"She repetitively plays the gender card. In reality she boasts ‘deal me in.’ Well, Mrs. Clinton, consider yourself dealt in because as a senator you paid women less than the males in your office," claimed Day in ~ the Republican convention July 19.

The sex pay gap is a regular talking allude -- occasionally botched -- through Democrats. Therefore Day, a significant Republican woman, is calling the end the democratic Party’s own right here for the alleged sin of unlike pay. We might not reach Day Tuesday night.

Gender salary gap?

In 2015, we fact-checked a case by Fox News’ Sean Hannity that together a senator, Hillary Clinton "actually paid female staffers a lot much less than men." we rated that claim Mostly False.

Hannity’s statement adhered to a Washington cost-free Beacon story that declared Clinton paid she female Senate staffers 72 cent for every dollar earned by a masculine counterpart.

The article examined data native Senate expenditure reports indigenous 2002-08 post by LegiStorm Pro, a firm that short articles information about congressional staff including salary data.

The website advises users about extrapolating specific salary information due to the fact that earnings fluctuate depending on bonuses and leaves of absence.

The data focused on full-time staffers who worked a complete fiscal year, Oct. 1-Sept. 30. Clinton to be sworn in as new York’s junior senator in January 2001, so the complimentary Beacon evaluation does not include her very first nine month in office.

The cost-free Beacon analysis likewise excludes Senate employees who took pipeline of absence, i m sorry is usual for employees that leave for brief periods to job-related on campaigns, or left after even 11 month of work within the fiscal year.

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Regardless, the totally free Beacon concluded the average salary for a mrs on Clinton’s payroll was about $15,700 much less than the typical salary because that the guys of the office, or about $40,800 compared to $56,500 for men.

"The wages speak because that themselves," the story says. "The data shows that ladies in her office to be paid 72 cents for every dollar paid to men."

Clinton campaign responds

Buzzfeed reached a various conclusion in 2015 in a story headlined, "Internal Data: Hillary Clinton payment Women and Men Equally."