The incident took place throughout The Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, when Clinton was talking to the show's host about the very first US presidential debate.

While part were perplexed seeing the message pop-up on display screen others believed it to be relatable.

Former autonomous presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was being interviewed on tv from new York via Zoom as soon as viewers i found it a acquainted pop-up on display screen that said “Your conference will end in 10 min”. Although the pop-up showed up briefly, eagle-eyed netizens were fast to spot and soon screenshot were common on society media.

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The event took place during The Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, when Clinton was talk to the show’s hold on various worries related to the very first presidential debate.

Former Secretaries the State/winners of presidential well-known vote also get time boundaries on Zoom/video conferencing.

— Paul Kane (
pkcapitol) September 30, 2020

People on social media discovered this extremely relatable and many claimed they wouldn’t feel as embarrassed the next time it taken place with them. Numerous wondered whether it to be Clinton or the news channel that had run the end of time. Soon, hoax followed.

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Hillary Clinton just practically got cut-off ~ above MSNBC because that running out of time and also not having a Zoom pro account and I’ve never ever seen a more perfect DNC moment.

— Brock Wilbur (
brockwilbur) September 30, 2020

The nightmare of every producers relying on ZOOM for live interviews. Https://

— James Santelli is all set to it is in hurt by PITT again (
JamesSantelli) September 30, 2020

I had to turn of MSNBC. This is perfect. Https://

— poor things occur in Philadelphia (
JasonElsom) September 30, 2020

Well…No meeting should be more than 40 mins. #WorkingSmart