A former secret Service agent writes in a new book that Hillary Clinton
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Gary Byrne claims the likely autonomous nominee is too “erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent” because that the presidency, according to excerpts obtained by Page Six.


“What I witnessed in the 1990s sickened me,” Byrne writes in the development of “Crisis the Character: A White House an enig Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand suffer with Hillary, Bill and also How lock Operate.” The book, due the end June 28, already holds the peak spot on Amazon"s best-seller list.

“Hillary Clinton is currently poised to become the democratic nominee because that president of the joined States, yet she merely lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office,” he said.

“From the bottom of my soul I know this to it is in true. And v Hillary’s latest rise, i realize the her very own leadership style — volcanic, impulsive, enabled by sycophants and disdainful of the rule set for anyone else — hasn’t adjusted a bit.” 

Byrne recounted seeing a vase "smashed to bits" and Bill Clinton

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Clinton’s project on Sunday dismissed Byrne’s account, saying his new book is an effort at profiting turn off the former very first family.

“Gary Byrnes join the ranking of Ed Klein and also other ‘authors’ in this latest in a lengthy line of publications attempting come cash in on the election cycle v their nonsense,” spokesman Nick Merrill said. "It should be placed in the fantasy section of the publication store.”