A prescient exchange indigenous a 2016 debate between now-President Trump and also Hillary Clinton has actually gone viral and also gained brand-new traction between the freshly stoked abortiondebateover state bills aimed at loosening limitations on third-trimester terminations.

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A video clip from the last presidential controversy in October 2016 in ras Vegas, Nev., circulated on society media Friday, reflecting then-candidateTrump blasting previous Secretary the State Clinton over she stance on abortion, describingin graphic termswhat the alleged to be her position on the issue.

TRUMP claims DEMOCRATS ending up being "PARTY OF so late TERM ABORTION," AS states PUSH new BILLS

“With what Hillary is saying, in the 9th month, you deserve to take the baby and rip the baby the end of the womb of the mother just prior come the birth of the baby,” trump card said. “Now you can say that that’s okay, and Hillary have the right to say that that’s okay, however it’s no okay through me.”

He continued: “Because based upon what she’s saying, and based on wherein she’s going and where she been, you deserve to take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb in the nine month, ~ above the last day. And also that’s not acceptable.”

Clinton accused trump of utilizing “scare” methods in response.

“Well, that is not what happens in this cases and using that type of scare rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate,” she rebutted. “This is among the worst feasible choices that any type of woman and also her family members has come make, and also I do not believe the federal government should it is in making it.”

Trump to be criticized at the moment for accused mischaracterizing the issue, with The Washington short article fact-checking the GOP presidential candidate ~ the debate. Most abortions in the U.S. Without doubt are performed in the very first trimester the pregnancy, and third-trimester abortions stay rare.But the exchange has taken on brand-new significance together states relocate to roll back restrictions because that third-trimester abortions.


In Virginia, a sponsor that a invoice that would certainly repeal particular restrictions on third-trimester abortions sparked a national conflict when she to be asked earlier this week about a comparable scenario -- and also whether a woman around to offer birth and dilating can still request an abortion.

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“My bill would permit that, yes,” autonomous Del. Kathy Tran stated of the bill, which was tabled in committee.

Later, Tran safeguarded her stance yet walked back her remarks, telling The post that she “misspoke,” and also “really regret that.”


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