Story HighlightsHillary Clinton favorable down 5 points because June, to 36%Prior low to be 38%Bill Clinton favorable likewise down five points, come 45%

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hillary Clinton's image has actually declined because June and also is currently the worst has measured for her to date. Her favorable rating has fallen five percentage points due to the fact that June come a brand-new low the 36%, while she unfavorable rating has actually hit a new high of 61%.

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Clinton's prior low favorable rating was 38% in late August/early September 2016 throughout the presidential campaign. She likewise registered a 38% favorable rating (with a 40% unfavorable rating) in April 1992, once she to be much less well-known.

The present results are based upon a Dec. 4-11 poll. Clinton's favorable rating has actually varied considerably in the 25 years has measured opinions around her. Her personal best was a 67% favorable rating take away in a December 1998 poll just after the house of to represent voted come impeach she husband, climate President bill Clinton. She also had favorable ratings in the mid-60s during her time as secretary the state between 2009 and 2013.

At times once she suspect a more overtly political function -- during attempts come reform health care in 1994, in she years together a U.S. Senator, and during her 2007-2008 and also 2015-2016 campaigns for president, her ratings suffered. She favorable ratings were near 50% when she announced her 2nd bid for the presidency in the spring of 2015, however fell in the summer that 2015 amid debate over her use of a private email server while she to be secretary the state. Transparent 2016, her favorable ratings to be generally about 40%, among the worst ever measured because that presidential candidates but an ext positive than Donald Trump's ratings.

Since losing to Trump, Clinton's favorable ratings have actually not improved, in contrast to what has happened for other recent shedding presidential candidates. In fact, her picture has gotten worse in current months as autonomous leaders, politics observers and also Clinton herself have actually attempted to describe how she shed an election that she was meant to win. Meanwhile, controversy continues to swirl approximately Clinton given continuing questions around the fairness of the 2016 democratic nomination procedure and her dealings with Russia while secretary that state. There has also been renewed conversation of Bill and Hillary Clinton's taking care of of past sexual harassment dues made versus Bill Clinton in light of heightened public concern about workplace behavior.

Democrats' image of Hillary Clinton stable in past Six Months

In the previous six months, Hillary Clinton's image has actually declined among Republicans and also independents but not amongst Democrats.

June 2017December 2017Change%%pct. Pts.National adultsDemocratsIndependentsRepublicans

From a longer-term perspective, Hillary Clinton's favorability among Democrats has not held at the level seen during the 2016 election. She had actually 87% favorable ratings among Democrats both at the start (based on a might 2015 poll) and also end (based on a November 2016 poll) of she 2016 project for president.

The campaign and its aftermath took the greatest toll on independents' views of Clinton. She started with a 51% favorable rating among this group, which fell to 33% in November 2016 and also now sit at 27%.

Bill Clinton picture Worst since 2001

Bill Clinton's picture has additionally slipped end the past year, with his current 45% favorable rating down five points since critical measured Americans' opinions of him in November 2016. Offered his 52% unfavorable rating, more U.S. Adult now have actually a an adverse than a hopeful opinion of the former president.

His existing rating is his lowest because March 2001, as soon as it fight 39% after his rocky exit from the White home that had a collection of controversial pardons and the Clintons taking, yet later returning, gifts intended for the White House. At the time, 59% of americans had negative view of bill Clinton, his greatest in's trend. That did have favorable ratings reduced than 39%, but those were measured beforehand in his 1992 presidential campaign when a considerable proportion of american were no familiar enough with Clinton to sell an opinion of him.


Bill Clinton's picture recovered in the years after the left the White House, as is usual for most ex-presidents. In respectable 2012, 69% of Americans had actually a favorable opinion that him, the greatest has measured because that him. His ratings began to fall after that, particularly after that began actively campaigning to support his wife's presidential campaign.

In contrast to what has emerged for Hillary Clinton, bill Clinton's favorable rating is lower among his fellow Democrats 보다 it was in's prior measurement. Currently, 76% that Democrats have a optimistic opinion that him, down from 81% in 2016. Independents' positivity has reduced even more -- seven points -- while Republicans' views room steady.

November 2016December 2017Change%%pct. Pts.National adultsDemocratsIndependentsRepublicans


Many politics experts, and likely the Clintons themselves, thought Bill and also Hillary Clinton would be residents in the White residence in 2017. Yet Hillary Clinton's surprised defeat in the 2016 election finished their careers as elected officials. The year away from politics has not brought about Americans to see either in a much more positive light; in fact, the contrary has developed with bill Clinton's ratings the worst in 16 years and also Hillary Clinton's the worst has actually measured come date.

Rather than looking favorably upon their much more than 25 years of publicly service, the past year has actually been to fill with 2nd guessing the the 2016 Clinton project strategy and continued allegations that unethical or illegal behavior on Hillary Clinton's part during she time in windy service and as a presidential candidate. In addition, the focus on sex-related harassment this year has actually caused some, including Democrats, to question the means Bill Clinton's pendant responded to past allegations the he mistreated women.

In the past, both Bill and also Hillary Clinton's ratings improved when they to be in less overtly political functions -- she as very first lady and also secretary of state, and also he as a previous president and also philanthropic leader. For bill Clinton, though, that took an ext than 2 years because that his image to recover after his controversial departure from the White house in 2001. Thus, if your ratings room to improve, it might take much more time for the political wounds native the 2016 project to heal.

Survey Methods

Results because that this vote are based on telephone interviews performed Dec. 4-11, 2017, through a arbitrarily sample the 1,049 adults, age 18 and also older, life in every 50 U.S. States and the ar of Columbia. Because that results based on the complete sample of nationwide adults, the margin of sampling error is ±4 percent points in ~ the 95% trust level. All reported spare part of sampling error include computed design effects because that weighting.

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Each sample of national adults has a minimum quota of 70% cellphone respondents and 30% landline respondents, with additional minimum quotas by time zone in ~ region. Landline and cellular call numbers space selected making use of random-digit-dial methods.