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facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg. David Ramos/Getty pictures The united state election offered as a reproduction ground for fake news, which reportedly sometimes outperformed real news top top Facebook.

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Using data indigenous Buzzsumo, us ranked 11 that the many ridiculous fake stories based on "Facebook engagements" — a combination of shares, likes, and also comments. Several of them were checked out by more than 2.2 million people.

We also found out wherein these fabricated story originated from, making use of, a fact-checking website.


This is full fiction.

Facebook engagements: 90,300

News site:

What in reality happened: These claims around Republican politician sarah Palin are entirely comprised in solution to Trump"s statement that the US have to ban Muslims from enteringthe US.

The news website "rather subtly check satire," reported.

See the story here.


This never happened — the was based on forged documents of a Wells Fargo bank letter.

Facebook engagements: 268,600

News site:

What in reality happened: This fake news story is based on a forged financial institution letter native Wells Fargo, i beg your pardon the write-up said was: "notifying the Kazoo Khan legislation firm the The Clinton structure is depositing $375,000 right into its financial institution account."

The write-up surfaced ~ the owner the the legislation firm — Khizr cannes — speak at this year"s democratic National Convention where he criticized Republican nominee Donald Trump because that his absence of empathy because that immigrants, Snopes reports.

Khizr cannes is father of US military captain Humayun Khan who was killed during the Iraq War.

See the fake story here.

9. Donald trumped mistook renowned drag queen RuPaul because that a woman and groped him in ~ a party in 1995


totally made up.

Facebook engagements: 301,000

News site:

What actually happened: This was fully false – there"s a disclaimer on people News everyday Report"s website the the contents is fictional in nature, Snopes reports.

The short article said RuPaul do the comment in an interview with the Hollywood Inquirer, and also even quoted the traction queen: “He began grabbing my ass and pulled mine dress as much as grab my genitals. He unexpectedly became very angry. He started yelling and also cursing, and also he left the party.”

See the fake story here.

8. Mike Pence claimed Michelle Obama is the most vulgar first Lady ever

* also reported this fake story.

Facebook engagements: 352,600

News site:

What in reality happened: This title doesn"t even appear in the short article on

After then-Indiana branch Mike Pence comment to Michelle Obama"s speech which condemned Trump"s "locker room banter," fake websites released an exaggeration account the his remarks, Snopes explains.

See the fake story here.

7. Trump won the well-known vote

President-elect Donald Trump walk not success the popular vote.

Facebook engagements: 481,100

News site:

What actually occurred Hillary Clinton winner the well-known vote through a margin of much more than 1 million.

As reports, there were calls and petitions for the Electoral college delegates to actors their ballots because that the winner the the well-known vote — Hillary Clinton, resulting in false claimsthat Trump won the well-known vote. The commonwealth Voting assistance Program has addressed and also refuted these claims.

See the fake story here.

6. Hillary Clinton suggested Trump need to run because that President

No — she did no say this.

Facebook engagements: 507,200

News site:

What actually happened: This was one of several fake price quotes reported in an article originally posted by the hybrid website of news and satire, The fake quotes were falsely reported to have come indigenous a 2013 decided Clinton yielded to Goldman Sachs the was do public by Wikileaks, Snopes said.

See the fake story here.

5. Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS and also it was confirmed by WikiLeaks

No, WikiLeaks does no confirm this.

Facebook engagements: 789,500

News site:

What actually happened: This stemmed native a variety of social media users who posted that one of the Wikileaks emails from "The Podesta Emails" showed Hillary Clinton had actually "sold tools to ISIS," Snopes explains.

The emails were a set of records containing interactions sent to and from Hillary Clinton"s campaign manager, man Podesta, later published by Wikileaks.

Snopes reports couple of readers in reality look at the content directly when there space reports native WikiLeaks.

See the fake story here.

4. Ireland is officially agree Trump refugees indigenous America


Facebook engagements: 817,900

News site:

What in reality happened: This is fabrication top top fabrication: the headline is not only completely false but is additionally not even mentioned in the write-up itself.

The post only relates to Inishturk, a tiny island turn off the shore of Ireland, saying: "Inishturk ... Has actually now join Canada in officially accepting american requesting politics asylum native a Donald trump card presidency," reports.

Firstly, Canada has actually not done this. Secondly, Inishturk does not have any say top top immigration plan — Ireland"s room of justice does, and also it told FactCheck: "There have been no recent changes to Ireland’s immigration system."

See the fake story here.

3. Pope Francis endorses Trump because that President

not correct again. WTOE5

Facebook engagements: 961,300

News site:

What actually happened: There to be no fact to this story, initially reported ~ above fantasy news website WTOE 5 news, in spite of the truth that the article said: "News outlets about the civilization are reporting on the news," Snopes explains. The pope is in reality sympathetic come the Muslim refugees whom Trump wants barred. and have actually removed the story.

2. Obama cut $2.6 exchange rate from programs because that veterans to assistance Syrian refugees in the US

This "breaking" news was fully false.

Facebook engagements: 1.7 million

News site:

What in reality happened: A complete lie based on, yet entirely unrelated to, an unexpected budget shortfall that $2.6 billion (£2.1 billion) report in June 2015 by the department of Veterans Affairs, Snopes reports.

The same short article was released by the Red Flag News site several months earlier.

Ending the fed has taken the short article off its site.

1. Obama indicators a nationwide order banning The Pledge of Allegiance in Schools

The "most controversial relocate of presidency" — together reported — never ever happened.

Facebook engagements: 2.2 million

News site:

What in reality happened: This wasn"t also an original fake — it was a recycled hoax, Snopes reported.

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See the fake story here.

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