A hedge fund co-founded by Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, was partly financed by Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

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Henrik Moltke

When Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law sought funding for his new hedge fund in 2011, he found financial backing from among the greatest names on wall surface Street: Goldman Sachs chief executive, management Lloyd Blankfein.

The fund, called Eaglevale Partners, was established by Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, and two of his partners. Blankfein not just personally invested in the fund, but permitted his association v it come be supplied in the fund’s marketing.

The invest did not rotate out to it is in a savvy organization decision. Previously this month, Mezvinsky was compelled to shutter one of the invest vehicles he introduced under Eaglevale, called Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity, after losing 90 percent of its money betting on the Greek recovery. The flagship Eaglevale money has likewise lost money, follow to the New York Times.

There has been minimal report on the Blankfein investment in Eaglevale Partners, i m sorry is a private money that faces few disclosure requirements. In ~ a campaign rally in downtown mountain Francisco on Thursday, ns attempted to ask Hillary Clinton if she knew the amount that Blankfein invest in her son-in-law’s fund.

Watch the video:

After repetitive attempts on the rope line, i asked the Clinton campaign traveling press secretary Nick Merrill, who said, “I don’t know, has it to be reported?” and also said that would contact me end email. I sent the question but have no received a an answer back.

The decision for Blankfein to invest in Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law’s agency is just one of many ways Goldman Sachs has actually used its wide range to forge a chop bond through the Clinton family. The firm paid Hillary Clinton $675,000 in an individual speaking fees, paid bill Clinton $1,550,000 in an individual speaking fees, and donated in between $250,000 and also $500,000 come the Clinton Foundation. In ~ a time when Goldman Sachs directly lobbied Hillary Clinton’s State Department, the agency routinely partnered with the Clinton structure for events, even convening a donor meeting for the foundation at the Goldman Sachs headquarters in Manhattan.

Mezvinsky, that married Chelsea in 2010, previously functioned at Goldman Sachs and started his fund in addition to two other former employees that the invest bank. Securities and Exchange commission disclosures show that Eaglevale required new investors to placed down a minimum of $2 million.

Clinton has dodged questions around her connection with Goldman Sachs transparent the campaign. In January, us were the an initial to questioning Clinton if she would release the transcripts of she paid speeches to Goldman Sachs. She responded by laughing and turning away. Since our question, other media outlets, consisting of the New York Times editorial board, have called on Clinton to relax the transcripts.

Clinton at times tried to conflate the money she obtained with campaign finance donations to Barack Obama — despite the concerns are separate; Obama never personally profited from paid speeches prior to running for president.

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Clinton many recently stated she would just release the transcripts if Bernie Sanders and also her Republican opponents also reveal transcripts of their paid speeches. Disclosures present Sanders make $1,867.42 from 2 paid speeches and a tv appearance last year, and donated the money come a non-profit in vermont that assists low-income families.


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