A video clip of one interview Hillary Clinton participated in end the weekend was making the rounds virtual Monday night, and viewers might be forgiven for confusing what the previous secretary that state said at first listen.

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She and the interviewer – Recode’s Kara Swisher – were pointing out political correctness Friday night in ~ the occasion in new York City as soon as Clinton was asked what she thought about a quote by former U.S. Attorney basic Eric Holder. However, Swisher erroneously referred to Holder as new Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. Clinton easily corrected Swisher prior to offering one inappropriate, however playful, quip:

“I know they every look alike,” Clinton said nearly instinctively, perhaps making the viewer think the footage may have been doctored because, that course, what former autonomous presidential nominee who was overwhelmingly supported by black voters would ever say together a thing; especially in public?

Swisher, seeming to capture on a bit too late to what every last Democrat probably really hopes was just an innocent, well-intentioned wisecrack (no matter just how tasteless), easily replied, “No, castle don’t,” before she apparently gained the joke: “Oh, fine done,” she added.

See the snippet below.

It to be all rather awkward, and also the Twitter fingers of watch every solitary right-wing troll got to keying as soon as they recorded wind that it, claiming Democrats would certainly have had a conniption to the right if Donald Trump ever spoke those words. Swisher was obviously in ~ fault, comes off together unprepared because that the high-profile interview and also confusing two Black people who have actually each played very different roles in government. Probably Clinton was even clowning Swisher for her noticeable ignorance. But the seasoned politics veteran should have been savvy enough to know much better than to utter those fateful words, joke or not.

To it is in clear, there room just details things in a civilized society that you don’t do. To underscore the cultural taboo surrounding that unfortunately phrase, black color Enterprise released a an extensive list of things white world should never say to black color people, and also “they all look like” quickly made the cut.

Recode published a transcript indigenous the interview, confirming Clinton’s ill-worded joke that was originally overshadowed by the widespread reports from the exact same event about the former an initial lady speak she would certainly “like to it is in president.”

Democrats — particularly the 19 who she just endorsed ~ above Monday — were likely bristling at Clinton’s selection of words, which come at a time once race relations roughly the country were seemingly in ~ an all-time low, partially (mostly?) due to the fact that of the guy to whom she lost the 2016 presidential election.

There were likewise some various other concerns around Clinton’s joke; specific the truth that she was tho trying come live under her 1996 “super predators” comment, which she then-Democratic primary enemy Bernie Sanders said in 2015 was around young Black males who were disproportionately imprisoned since of former President Bill Clinton’s controversial 1994 crime bill. There was likewise the since-disproven insurance claim that Clinton’s fail 2008 presidential campaign helped perpetuate the false birther activity surrounding Barack Obama the Donald trump card took and ran with.

Considering those questions still hanging over she head, it’s uncertain why Clinton would decide to blurt the end that combination of native to describe two an effective African-American men; also if it to be a joke.

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See a video clip of the complete interview below and judge for yourself.


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