cavalryho wrote: Infowars, lolAnd because that our following topic, the bemuda triangle and also tomorrow our topic willbe sasquatch.Sorry dot.ton of other sites take her pick

The Leftists pet sheep only source very wealthy... I mean, ethical media the they"re told come source.

CountryRoads316 wrote: cavalryho wrote: Infowars, lolAnd because that our following topic, the bemuda triangle and also tomorrow our topic will be sasquatch.Sorry dot.ton of other sites take your pickIrrelevant....if they satellite on it till now....the"s political......can"t it is in believed......

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With specific details of where specifically it happened, and also the circumstances, the did not simply make all that up.



Ever notice how as soon as the Republican candidate is accused of saying something "insensitive" it prices them the election (See: Mitt Romney, 2012 "Takers" comment). But when a Democrat claims something "insensitive" that is of little to no an effect (See:this thread; "deplorables", etc.)?

Why carry out you Lefties think that is...?

*Authors note: This is merely one that SEVERAL twin standards.

I have the right to hear Hillary now."Hey beer boy, pick up mine growler ~ above your means in tomorrow or you can shove those hops up your ***."

What a shocker the the national media didn"t report this. If it had actually been Trump, it would certainly have gained at least 30 minute of coverage top top the significant news networks. I searched biased Google because that "Hillary n word" and clicked on the News tab and also I observed on the first page the title "Hillary Clinton brings people together, cares around our children" - which was a connect to a letter come the editor somebody had actually written come an Indianapolis newspaper. The popped up in a search for Hillary N word, however nothing top top thechef.

Infowars has actually been proven come publish false story dozens and also dozens that times. It"s not a news site. There room nutty left soup sites speak crazy stuff about Trump but they don"t go through them either. I think the lady in first class story is total bs but think the reporter from human being magazine.

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I"m no buying this myself. I just don"t think Hillary would certainly say that. She probably dubbed her all kinds that names, however probably not that. Us would have actually heard that before if she were capable of it. Many of various other things to pursue HRC on. You know, inciting violence at opposition rallies, deleting emails after ~ they to be subpoenaed through the FBI, etc., etc..


Ironically, I in reality met a lady that was a chef because that the Clintons for about 3 months. She quit since she claimed "I didn"t evaluate being treated choose trash". She said Bill was yes, really nice though. I didn"t personally vet she story, yet had a long conversation with her and also she seemed really credible to me. (For whatever that"s worth)

Infowars, lolAnd for our next topic, the bemuda triangle and also tomorrow our topic will certainly be sasquatch.Sorry dot.

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