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Donald Trump’s first TV ad of the general election depicts Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan as dangerous because that America.

"In Hillary Clinton’s America, the mechanism stays rigged versus Americans. Syrian refugees overwhelming in. Illegal immigrants convicted that committing crimes obtain to stay," states the ad. "Collecting Social defense benefits, skip the line. Ours border open. It’s an ext of the same, however worse. Donald Trump’s America is secure. Terrorists and also dangerous criminals: preserved out. The border: secured. Our families: safe. Readjust that provides America safe again."

The narration is add by sinister music and also footage of men being arrest by border agents while various other shadowy men walk freely on public streets.

We have previously fact-checked Trump’s case that Clinton wants "totally open up borders" and also ruled the False. He is correct the she wants to allow an ext Syrian refugees in the united States.

This fact-check will focus on whether Clinton supports allowing illegal immigrant convicted of crimes to remain in the country.

There is some fact to his claim, but Trump’s scary advertisement omits an important part the the story.

Clinton’s immigration plan: Deport violent criminals

Clinton has actually not vowed come deport every undocumented immigrant convicted of a crime. But the ad creates a misleading impression the she will let every criminal stay, regardless of the crime.

Clinton has repeatedly dubbed for concentrating deportations top top violent criminals.

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Clinton project spokesman Joshua Schwerin pointed come Clinton’s comments around her deportation concerns in a March controversy in Miami, the national Immigrant Integration Conference and also on she website.

When pressed to define her position throughout the debate, Clinton said she wants to border deportations come "violent criminals, terrorists, and anyone who endangers our safety."

Clinton has proposed being much more lenient 보다 Obama:

"So I execute not have the same plan as the current management does. Ns think it"s crucial that we move to our substantial immigration reform, however at the very same time, stop the raids, stop the round-ups, stop the deporting of world who space living below doing your lives, doing your jobs, and that"s mine priority."

She said violent criminals and those who arrangement terrorist strikes or threaten us space "a fairly small universe."