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Hillary Clinton claims men and also women should make equal pay. But the Clinton Foundation"s management team had actually an average $81,000 average sex pay gap, follow to the most recent numbers available.

This pay space was so wide that the Clinton campaign worried that the "huge discrepancies" would be i found it by journalists, follow to internal Clinton campaign emails exposed through WikiLeaks.

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The stark number come from the foundation"s publicly 990 tax develops for the year 2014, which list the highest-paid employees. The Clinton foundation identifies its top leaders, every executives v titles like CEO, manager or senior adviser.

that list included four women and also nine men. The men averaged $291,000 in total pay. The ladies averaged $210,000. Countless of the men clearly outranked the females in the leadership team.

The ladies earned 72 cents for every disagreement a male executive made on average.

That"s worse than the national average Clinton cites in her "equal salary for equal work" speeches. The national typical is 79 cent on the dollar.


The foundation"s pay space was even wider in 2013, when the highest-paid women earned 63 cent for every dollar made by the highest-paid men.

The foundation has no yet released critical year"s salary data.

In another batch of steal emails released by WikiLeaks, the foundation listed the incomes of that 62 employees working in 2011.

top top average, the ladies made 89 cents on the dollar compared to the men. The median woman do $62,000. The average male made $70,000.

The payroll the year included 36 women and 26 men.

The foundation"s pay scale would seem to clash v Clinton"s stump speeches on equal pay.

"The fail to ensure same pay because that women likewise impacts families and also the broader economy... That devalues the work-related that women do," Clinton said in a brand-new York City speech on April 12.

Clinton"s presidential project spotted the pay space in February 2015 -- and acknowledged that severity, follow to emails exposed through WikiLeaks.

"There are substantial discrepancies, and it wouldn"t surprise me if they went here next," publicly relations skilled Ian Mandel warned the Clinton campaign.

He to be alerting Clinton"s presidential project manager, Robert Mook, and the research director in ~ Hillary for America, Tony Carrk. At the time last year, reporters were probing equal pay during Clinton"s tenure in ~ the State Department. reached out come all 3 women at the bottom of the perform in 2013, yet it received no reply.

non-profit tax records are publicly easily accessible for review. However, they only list the incomes of the highest-paid employees. It"s unsure if the pay space is better or worse for lower level tasks at the Clinton Foundation.

Asked about the sex salary gap, the structure pointed to a blog short article written by president Donna Shalala on Tuesday.

"Recent allegations top top pay imbalances at the Clinton structure are inaccurate. These calculations space based only on a handful of salaries that perform not provide specific portrayal that the leadership and also staff at Clinton Foundation," she wrote.

She listed that 64% the the foundation"s employees in the United claims are women. However, she go not address the salary scales for those employees.