The classic exchange of gifts between the US and also UK leaders has not always run clearly - v leather jackets and also trench coats amongst the notable rejections.

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But some are the presents that keep giving, through Queen Victoria's 1880 current - the Oval Office's Resolute desk - provided by chairman Donald trump on his first day in the White House.

Theresa might presented the us president v a quaich, a classic Scottish cup of friendship, while an initial Lady Melania Trump received a hamper of develop from the element minister's country residence, Chequers.

In return, the UK element minister was offered a framed photo of Abraham Lincoln swearing the Oath the Office ~ above the exact same copy the the bible used by grandfather Trump at his inauguration.

Mrs Trump, meanwhile, provided a pair of silver- cufflinks by brand-new York designer David Yurman come Mrs May's husband, Philip.

But under the ministerial password of conduct, if government ministers desire to save a gift personally they are obliged to declare presents worth much more than £140.

So when smaller gifts will remain unknown, news of several of the bigger - and also stranger presents - have actually been disclosed to the public.

Image source, PA
Image caption, Artist Ben Eine, that has functioned with Banksy, began his career by "tagging" his surname on buildings

On his very first trip come Washington as prime minister in 2010, David Cameron's official gift to president Barack Obama had a paint by a graffiti artist.

The work, Twenty very first Century City, by Ben Eine, was claimed to be one of Mr Cameron's mam Samantha's favourite artists.

Mr Obama ongoing the art theme by presenting the Camerons v a signed lithograph by pop artist Ed Ruscha.

The piece, tower with rate Lines, was favored for that red, white and also blue colours matching the British and also American flags.

Writing ~ above his website, Ben Eine - that has operated with Banksy - stated it had been a "weird day" since "David Cameron has given one of my paints to president Obama in an art swap".

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Image caption, The Camerons gave the Obamas a table tennis table in a nod to the match the males played in 2011

The adhering to year, Obama decided to offer the Camerons a customised "one-of-a-kind" barbecue as a reminder of their time flipping burgers together in the 10 Downing Street garden during the Obamas' London visit in might 2011.

It's a nod to the enhance the two males played against school youngsters in south London throughout the same 2011 trip.

Mrs Cameron likewise gave an initial Lady Michelle Obama a published blue scarf through Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders, inspired by victor wallpaper.

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Image caption, Gordon Brown rubbish the 'Camp David' jacket which to be a present from George W Bush

In 2009, grandfather Obama to be criticised for lack of thought when he presented previous prime Minister Gordon Brown through a collection of 25 DVDs of classic US films, when Mr Brown visited Washington.

Mr Brown provided the united state president a pen and also holder carved from an anti-slavery ship and biographies of Winston Churchill, worth $16,510.

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Perhaps mr Obama to be trying to play it safe after grandfather Bush's gift the previous year, that a fur-trimmed leather bomber jacket, had actually been rejected by grandfather Brown.

All gifts over a particular value need to be claimed by government ministers - however Mr Brown decided not come pay for the jacket, according to reports at the time.