Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and U.S. Councilor Tim Kaine (D-VA) tide to the crowd during a project rally at serious Community cultural Center in Annandale, Virginia, U.S., July 14, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos BarriaCARLOS BARRIA / Reuters
Hillary Clinton has selected Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate.

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Clinton announced the an option to her pendant by text post Friday evening: "I"m dazzling to tell friend this first: I"ve favored Sen. Tim Kaine as my to run mate."


The brand-new Democratic ticket is slated to appear together in ~ a joint rally in Miami, Florida top top Saturday.

Kaine, that hails from a waver state, was long thought about a height pick because that the job. He has a durable resume and embraces his brand as “boring,” other Clinton claimed she applauds.

Throughout the VP vetting process, Clinton emphasized her interest in picking someone ready to be commander in chief. Complying with the pick, Clinton aides emphasized Kaine’s readiness come lead and also said the senator and presumptive democratic presidential nominee have a strong rapport.

TimKaine, a man who"s specialized his life to fighting for others. -H

— Hillary Clinton (

Clinton referred to as Kaine to market him the task shortly after ~ 7:30 p.m. Friday. She notified President Barack Obama, whom sources say she consulted v throughout her decision make process, of her choice shortly after calling Kaine.

A senator that serves ~ above the Senate international Relations Committee, Kaine is much more of a centrist than part others taken into consideration for the post - consisting of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and also Labor Secretary Tom Perez. But he brings much more experience than plenty of of his rivals, having served as a mayor, governor and senator in a state arising as one of the peak presidential battlegrounds in the country.

The senator impression the former secretary of state v his down-to-earth format when the two campaigned with each other in Virginia, aides said. Clinton invite Kaine ago to her Washington, D.C. Home for one unscheduled meeting complying with the rally, and the two met for 90 minutes previously this month.

Just got off the phone through Hillary. Ns honored to it is in her to run mate. Can’t wait come hit the trail tomorrow in Miami!

— councilor Tim Kaine (

Kaine is additionally fluent in Spanish, a ability that Clinton can deploy to additional mobilize a Latino community that currently gives Donald trump card historically low marks as a candidate.

Clinton finalized her ticket a work after republic wrapped increase their nationwide convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Democrats begin their convention on Monday.

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Late last week, trump announced his very own vice presidential pick, tapping Indiana Gov. Mike Pence because that the job.

"Ultimately this is a ticket the represents one thing: four much more years choose the last eight, simply with much more corruption and also scandal," Republican national Committee Chair Reince Priebus claimed in a statement. "A Clinton-Kaine administration will push our nation further down the course President Obama has led us on and also that has actually made us less safe, less prosperous, and less free."