(buzzpatterson.com)Hillary Clinton has a little bit of advice for Joe Biden come November 3: Don"t even think about conceding if the choice is at all close.

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"Joe Biden should not concede under any type of circumstances because I think this is going to drag out, and also eventually ns do believe he will win if us don"t give an inch and if we are as focused and also relentless as the various other side is," Clinton said longtime democratic strategist Jennifer Palmieri in an excerpt of Showtime"s "The Circus" released Tuesday. Included Clinton: "We"ve obtained to have actually a huge legal operation, I know the Biden campaign is working on that. We have to have poll workers, and I urge people, who room able, to be a vote worker. We need to have our very own teams of civilization to respond to the pressure of intimidation that the Republicans and Trump are going come put outside polling places. This is a large organizational challenge, yet at least we know much more about what they"re going come do."
What Clinton envisions is an choice night that could well extend into an choice week or even -- gulp! -- an choice month, due to the fact that of an meant surge in mail-in balloting because of concerns around the coronavirus. If current elections, particularly in Clinton"s adopted home state of new York, are any indication, there"s a very real opportunity that no winner is asserted on November 3 or November 4. And also that the country will be in limbo, while waiting to recognize who will certainly be the following president of the unified States.
Even through a semi-traditional chairman in the White House, that is a situation absolutely fraught with peril. The single most important part of an choice is the people think that the vote was relatively counted and, even if it is or no they choose the result, the it was an exact reflection of what the country wanted. The longer it goes without a asserted winner, the much more people will certainly suspect that something nefarious might be walk on -- even if the hold-up isn"t solely the an outcome of the slowness in counting a surging of mailed-in ballots.
Donald trump is, that course, no a semi-traditional president. Or noþeles close come it. In fact, he has spent the last several months saying to anyone who will listen that the rise in mail-in balloting will result in a "rigged" and fraudulent election. (There is zero proof of the type of prevalent voter fraud in mail-in balloting that Trump is alleging.)
"What they"re doing is using Covid to steal an election," Trump called delegates in ~ the Republican nationwide Convention in Charlotte on Monday. "They"re using Covid to defraud the American people, every one of our people, of a fair and cost-free election."
Remember as well that Trump, in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 election, insisted that 3 come 5 million civilization voted illegally as a method to describe the reality that he shed the well-known vote to Clinton. Trump has never listed any evidence of this substantial claim. Neither has actually he backed away from it in the intervening three-plus years.

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Imagine what Trump might do this time about -- suspect that us don"t recognize who won on election night or also sometime the complying with day. If that looks like he is most likely to lose, trump would use the intervening hours/days/week to sow distrust with the vote and also discord in the country. The would suggest that democracy are food preparation the books, including or subtracting votes together they watch fit. The would perform absolutely whatever in his strength to certain that also if Biden were claimed the victor on, say, November 7, that a chunk that the country would think that the an outcome had to be fixed and also biased against Trump. And that, therefore, neither they nor Trump have to accept it. No require for Trump to concede. No factor for his supporters to identify Biden as the relatively elected president.

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Which brings me earlier to Clinton. She is, on the facts, specifically right in the advice she is providing to Biden. Through lots and lots that mailed-in ballots essential to be counted in the days leading up to Election day -- and also on November 3 itself -- it would be politics malpractice for Biden to concede to Trump (or vice versa) if the choice were plainly very close.
But you have the right to be sure that her comments will be seized on through the trumped White residence as proof that democrats are currently working come lay the groundwork because that a protracted poll count because they think the benefits them. (Clinton"s emphases on how Biden will certainly "eventually" victory is the reddest of red meat because that conservatives.)
Because of all that, my education guess is that the Biden project would fairly not have actually Clinton offering their candidate advice on exactly how to handle a close election. Even if she"s right.