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Hillsborough County

Hillsborough ar Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What room Hillsborough ar Arrest Records?

Hillsborough county arrest records are main summaries that apprehensions that occur in the county following criminal activities in the territory, as recorded by the Sheriff’s Office and also its divisions. These records feature information bordering the suspected crimes, the arrested person, and details surrounding the really apprehension. Hillsborough arrest documents cannot be supplied as proof of criminal involvement because these do not contain info on final dispositions however only show that the subject was detained in relation to a case. Individuals can discover the following details:

The suspected crimesThe arrestee’s complete name, sex, day of birth, and other demographic informationThe time and also date that apprehensionThe place of arrest and also detainment facilityThe name of the arresting officer, agency, and also detaining facilityFirst court day or case status

The county Sheriff’s Office gives Hillsborough arrest records for interested individuals. To attain a regional arrest history, make online arrest inquiries or visit the Sheriff’s Office at 2306 phibìc Faulkenburg Road,

Tampa, FL(813) 247-0062

Crime Statistics

The room of legislation Enforcement (FDLE) has crime data for every the counties in the state. Its crime statistics for Hillsborough County mirrors that there were 52,489 arrests in 2017. This represents a usually 6.2% decrease in the arrest price in the county. There to be a full of 27,012 crimes in Hillsborough ar in 2017. Violent crimes accounted for 4,127 instances while there to be 22,885 home crimes. Contrasted to 2016 figures, the overall crime rate declined by 4.1%. This was due to the 4.9% year-on-year autumn in residential property crimes. The violent crime price crept increase by 0.6% in the one-year period.

In 2017, there to be 63 murders, 359 rapes, 821 robberies, 2,884 aggravated assaults, 4,145 burglaries, 16,743 larcenies, and 1,997 motor vehicle thefts in Hillsborough County. Contrasted to the previous year, the murder price was the same while rob (9.1%), housebreaker (7.7%), larceny (4.6%), and also motor car theft (0.5%) prices declined. On the other hand, over there were higher incidences the rape (28.2%) and aggravated assault (0.9%).

What room Hillsborough county Criminal Records?

Hillsborough ar criminal records are main summaries of an individual’s misdemeanor, traffic, or felonious offenses in ~ the county’s jurisdiction. Unequal Hillsborough ar arrest records, criminal records incorporate details the prosecution, last dispositions, and convictions. These records function information documented and collated by various county agencies like arrest or inmate details native the Sheriff’s Office and also criminal situation information from courts in the county. An individual’s Hillsborough county criminal documents will contain easily accessible information on:

Arrest and also indictment historyPersonal data and physical descriptionFingerprints and also mugshotMisdemeanor and also felony offensesPrior and pending dispositionsConvictions and also incarceration status

How execute I acquire Hillsborough ar Criminal Records?

Residents and non-residents can gain Hillsborough ar criminal records from county, state, and also federal federal government departments. Local records space obtainable indigenous the Sheriff’s Office and also Clerk of Court & Comptroller at the county level, while the department of law Enforcement and the federal Bureau that Investigations problems state and nationwide records, respectively.

The Hillsborough county Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) provides background checks. People can also get records locally from the county Clerk of Court and Comptroller either with the Hillsborough digital Viewing of electronic Records (HOVER) device or by submitting inquiry or application creates to the ideal court location.


Clerk that Court & ComptrollerP.O. Crate 3249Tampa, FL 33601-3249


Room 140,401 Pierce Street,Tampa, FL 33601-3249

For statewide elevator checks, individuals have the right to use the various search criteria provided by the room of regulation Enforcement. Individuals deserve to make instant search, certified, or ORI checks virtual for $24, handling fees excluded. The FBI additionally conducts identity background summary checks, and individuals deserve to make mailed or digital requests.

Residents can get fingerprint cards because that FDLE check from the identification ar of the HCSO for free while non-residents salary $10

How to find Hillsborough county Sex Offender Information?

The department of law Enforcement keeps one up-to-date database of sexual predators and offenders life in the state. This registry is publicly easily accessible and seek on the website the FDLE. The search device on the website allows anyone to find a sex offender by name or display a list of sex offenders and also predators in and around the various neighborhoods, schools, and college campuses the Hillsborough County.

How carry out I Visit one Inmate in Hillsborough ar Jail?

All visits to inmates in any type of Hillsborough County space through the Sheriff’s Office video Visitation facility on the jail premise and also by appointments only. Interested persons can register online and also should schedule visits at the very least seven work beforehand using the approved third-party website. As inmates in Hillsborough ar jails deserve to only have actually up to 3 visits weekly, appointments space on a first-come, first-serve basis. There can be up to three persons per visit, kids included.

According come the center’s visitation rules, visits room from Tuesdays come Sundays indigenous 11:00 a.m. Come 9:00 p.m. After scheduling visits, appropriately dressed visitors have to check-in at the center at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled hour. Failure to execute this will result in the cancellation that visits, which will still be eliminated out of the inmate's allotted number of visits. The links for scheduling visits, and also the visitation rules, are available on the center’s website. People must adhere to this rules as inappropriate conduct deserve to lead to visitation bans or criminal charges.

Where and also How to uncover Hillsborough county Inmate Information?

The Hillsborough ar Sheriff has records of all inmates currently in the jails situated in the county. The Sheriff’s Office gives an inmate lookup device on its website for finding particular inmates. Visitors deserve to search by surname or booking number. The search result provides info like one individual's charge, link amount, and also booking photo. Alternatively, speak to (813) 247-8300 to with the inmate info line and also inquire about an inmate.

What room Hillsborough county Court Records?

Hillsborough county court records are court-generated materials and also fillings that contain information on civil, criminal, probate, and traffic proceedings that happen in any court in ~ the county’s jurisdiction. Instances of this Hillsborough public documents include electronic or file case files, dockets, transcripts, orders, indexes, and other recordings of governmental actions done by a court in the territory.

The salesman of the Courts and also Comptroller is responsible for maintaining all court records for Hillsborough County. The can be fried Court authorizes the ar Clerk to make many of the records, indexes, and dockets publicly obtainable on that website. To uncover electronic records, usage the search tool provided. Registered users can accessibility a broader range that court records. Visit the online search homepage to start the it is registered process.

Residents can additionally view court and Hillsborough ar public documents on the Public documents website that the clerk of the Courts. Easily accessible records include records from 1965 to the present. The find engine enables website travellers to print duplicates of documents from your computers. These are also available at 419 Pierce, Room 140, Tampa, FL 33602, the Clerk’s Office address. The salesman of the courts charges $1 per page for regular copies and an additional $2 per file for certified copies.

Location of all Courts in Hillsborough County

Hillsborough ar Circuit CourtGeorge E. Edgecomb Courthouse800 eastern Twiggs Street,Tampa, FL 33602Phone: (813) 276-8100

Hillsborough county Circuit CourtPlant City Courthouse301 north Michigan Avenue,Plant City, FL 33563Phone: (813) 276-8100

Hillsborough county Circuit CourtBrandon regional Service Center311 Pauls Drive, Suite 110Brandon, FL 33511Phone: (813) 276-8100

Hillsborough county Circuit CourtSouthshore local Service Center410 30th Street Southeast,Ruskin, FL 33570Phone: (813) 276-8100

County Court the Hillsborough CountyOld Courthouse419 Pierce Street, Room 107Tampa, FL 33602Phone: (813) 276-8100

County Court the Hillsborough CountyGeorge E. Edgecomb Courthouse800 eastern Twiggs Street,Tampa, FL 33602Phone: (813) 276-8100

County Court the Hillsborough CountyPlant City Courthouse301 phibìc Michigan Avenue,Plant City, FL 33563Phone: (813) 276-8100

County Court the Hillsborough CountyBrandon regional Service Center311 Pauls Drive, Suite 110Brandon, FL 33511Phone: (813) 276-8100

County Court that Hillsborough CountySouthshore local Service Center410 30th Street Southeast,Ruskin, FL 33570Phone: (813) 276-8100

Other locations:

Hillsborough county Courthouse3.2 (33) · CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 276-8100

Hillsborough clerk of Court & Comptroller1.6 (11) · County government OfficeTampa, FL(813) 276-8100

Clerk of Circuit Court2.7 (14) · CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 276-8100

Edgecomb Courthouse3.0 (42) · City CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 272-5894

Hillsborough county Clerk that Circuit CourtBrandon regional Service Center3.4 (35) · County government OfficeBrandon, FL(813) 276-8100

US Bankruptcy Court3.0 (2) · CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 301-5162

Oakwood Court Apartments2.6 (5) · CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 628-9109

Clerk that the Circuit Court3.9 (7) · CourthouseRuskin, FL(813) 276-8100

Hillsborough salesman of Court & Comptroller3.0 (1) · County government OfficeBrandon, FL(813) 276-8100 second District Court that Appeal5.0 (2) · CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 272-3430

Traffic Court - Hillsborough County3.0 (2) · County federal government OfficeTampa, FL

US Magistrate Judge2.6 (5) · federal CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 301-5400

Hillsborough Court InterpreterCounty CourtTampa, FL(813) 272-5947

Court accessibility Center-America IncCourthouseTampa, FL(813) 875-1333

Magistrate Cuellar-StiloCounty CourtTampa, FL(813) 272-5351

Sam Gibbons United says CourthouseFederal government OfficeTampa, FL(813) 301-5400

US Pretrial ServicesFederal CourthouseTampa, FL(813) 225-7648

Hillsborough County survey & Map5.0 (1) · County federal government OfficeTampa, FL(813) 744-5619

Honorable judge Myers1.0 (1) · county CourtTampa, FL(813) 272-5778

Hillsborough county Circuit Court4.4 (15) · CourthousePlant City, FL(813) 757-3918

What are Hillsborough County vital Records?

Hillsborough County an important records are government-generated materials and documents the contain info on births, deaths, divorces, marriages, and also other vital events that occur to residents and non-residents in ~ the county. These encompass certified or uncertified copies of decrees, licenses, certificates, and other recordings the life events that are accessible at both county and also state levels. For instance, individuals can gain these Hillsborough public documents from the county’s salesperson of Court & Comptroller or the Office of an essential Statistics, room of Health.

Where and also How to gain Hillsborough county Divorce Records

The clerk of Court and also Comptroller is the primary custodian of details on divorces that happened in ar courts. As with other court records, people can gain divorce records online through the Hillsborough digital Viewing of digital Records (HOVER) device or by submitting inquiry or application develops to the appropriate court location. Requests can also be make by phone call (813) 276-8100.

The office of critical Statistics that the room of health and wellness keeps divorce reports because that Hillsborough County. These room issued by the salesman of Court & Comptroller and also sent come the bureau of critical Statistics. Accessible divorce reports day from June 6, 1927, come the present. The office of critical Statistics charges $5 because that each certified copy and secondary $4 for each certified copy of the very same record. Send a divorce report application together with payment in the type of check or money stimulate to:

Bureau of critical StatisticsAttn: an important Record SectionPost Office box 210Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Where and How to get Hillsborough County marriage Records

Hillsborough marriage license records from 1972 are easily accessible on the public records website of the salesperson of Court and also Comptroller. For in-person requests, visit the Clerk’s Office at 419 Pierce, Room 140, Tampa, FL 33602, or speak to (813) 276-8100. Viewing records online or in-person is free. However, the fee because that each copy of the record requested is $1. Certified copies attract an extra $2 fee per document.

Visit the Clerk's Office to obtain copies of marriage licenses the same day. Mail and also phone request are likewise acceptable. Send a marriage license request to the salesperson of Court – Marriage, P.O. Box 3249, Tampa, FL 33601-3249. For phone requests, contact (813) 276-8100. The clerk accepts payment via checks and mail order because that mail requests. Call requests are payable by credit transaction card (a 3.5% handling fee will be charged). Cash, check, money order, and credit card (with a 3.5% processing fee) are welcomed for in-person requests.

The office of critical Statistics that the room of health keeps marital relationship reports for Hillsborough County and also other counties in the state. Obtainable marriage reports date from June 6, 1927, to the present. The office of an essential Statistics charges $5 for each certified copy and second $4 for each certified copy of the same record. Send a marital relationship report application in addition to payment in the type of examine or money stimulate to:

Bureau of critical StatisticsAttn: crucial Record SectionPost Office box 210Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Where and How to acquire Hillsborough County birth Records

The office of vital Statistics the the room of health keeps birth documents for Hillsborough County. However, this are exclusive until ~ 100 years. Persons with straight relation come the record must mail a birth document application together with a $9 examine or money order to the county site at: room of health - Hillsborough County

Vital StatisticsP.O. Box 5135Tampa, FL 33675-5135

Where and How to gain Hillsborough County death Records

The office of an essential Statistics that the room of health keeps death records for Hillsborough County. Persons with direct relation to the record have to mail a death record application in addition to payment in the type of examine or money stimulate to: room of health and wellness - Hillsborough County

Vital StatisticsP.O. Box 5135Tampa, FL 33675-5135

The office of an essential Statistics charges $5 because that each certified copy and secondary $4 because that each certified copy that the very same record.

Are residential or commercial property Records open to the public in Hillsborough County?

Per's Sunshine Laws, all building records created by Hillsborough county agents are open up records. Thus, property records are open up to the general public in Hillsborough County. People who great to examine or copy Hillsborough County property records can query the appointed custodian’s office in person or by mail.

Where and also How to discover Property records in Hillsborough County

In Hillsborough County, the Appraiser’s Office is in fee of appraising all residential property in the county, curating records, and making those records easily accessible to real estate agents, insurance agents, and members that the public. It maintains an digital database v parcel information, i m sorry the public have the right to access free of charge. Interested persons deserve to request property records indigenous the Appraiser’s Office email or us mail, or in person between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How to Look increase Hillsborough County residential property Records

The Hillsborough county Appraiser’s Office gives an virtual repository where the public may discover property records information. Researchers might conduct a simple property search, making use of one or much more of the fields listed below as find criteria:

FolioParcel NumberOwner NameAddress

Positive search outcomes will yield ownership information, worth summary, sales history, building characteristics, and also other details. Researchers might print out plain duplicates of property records indigenous the repository or request certified duplicates from the Appraiser’s Office in person between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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Location the Hillsborough ar Township home Appraisers


Hillsborough County document Availability

In compliance v Chapter 119 the the statute statutes, Hillsborough County offers the public through government-generated windy records, consisting of arrest records, criminal records, sex offender information, critical records, and court records. These documents are maintained both online and also offline, relying on the document custodian. Several of these records are billable, while others require submission of surname or much more before release. Documents in Hillsborough are usually easier than mean to find and access. However, for records that prove tough to get, consider broadening your search through the tools provided by State Records.